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My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with My School Romantic Comedy

Kanade Amakusa is a high school student suffering from a curse called "Absolute Choices". This curse requires him to select an action from a list of two or three options that appear before him at any time, and has no control over what choices appear. Many of them are weird or perverse and as a result, the curse has tainted his reputation with his classmates and other people around him, making his life very difficult. However, one day, a choice he makes on his way home from school causes a mysterious, beautiful young girl to fall from the sky.

Comedy Romance Slice of Life

Episodes (10)

Episode 1: Kanade Amakusa's Not-So-Sweet Daily Life

The choices we make define who we are, and in the case of one unlucky young man, his choices are laid bare before him.

Episode 2: Secret Technique! Make Them Laugh with a Pig-ish Joke!

The girl who fell from the sky names herself Chocolat and Kanade soon learns that she is useless. A call from God changes everything, as he tasks him with completing the mission to rid himself of Absolute Choice.

Episode 3: Girls and Panties

Amakusa's latest task sees him attempting to view the panties of, what turns out to be, the purest girl he's ever met.

Episode 4: Harems Are Wonderful!

Absolute Choice throws Kanade a curve ball he wasn't expecting, and his next mission is sure to put him to the test.

Episode 5: The Little Sister Appears

In Kanade's quest to rid himself of his curse once and for all, a little sister type suddenly shows up to put a wrench in his plans.

Episode 6: Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!

Amakusa sets out to get two girls to say they like him, the ridiculously big breasted Reikadou Ayame, and the brash Yukihira.

Episode 7: Seira Sortie!

The showdown between the Popular 5 and Reject 5 commences, with Amakusa's mission on the line! Who will be victorious?

Episode 8: My Freeloader Can't Be This Smart?!

Chocolat has suddenly regained her memory, and Amakusa begins to miss her old self.

Episode 9: Throb! A Swimming Tournament Full of Beautiful Girls

With the girls in tow, Amakusa heads to Aqua Galaxy, where he must endure a series of increasingly difficult choices. Yukihira lurks in the shadows.

Episode 10: Life is Series of Choices

Amakusa must choose between three girls in order to make Absolute Choice vanish for good. What will he do?

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