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Momokyun Sword

It was written in the stars the day Momoko came down the river, floating inside a giant peach found by an old childless couple. Although her fate might not yet be known to her, she was brought to this village to defend it. Along with her talking pet dog, monkey, and peasant – who just happen to also be gods – Momoko must protect and recover the Michimi Peach Fragments that are scattered all over Japan before its pieces fall into the wrong hands.

Adventure Comedy Fantasy

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Possession Fusion! Momokyun Sword!!

Momoko has been trained all her life by her three animal companions. Now her skills will be put to the test as oni begin to invade the human world in search of a powerful treasure. Can Momoko protect her village and the rest of the world?

Episode 2: Demon Combination!? Onihime is Here!

The Celestial Maiden Squad and Momoko begin their journey to gather the Michimi Peach fragments. However, our heroin gets distracted by her stomach. A face off begins with a new formidable enemy who is after more than just dumplings!

Episode 3: One for All and All for One: The Celestial Maiden Squad!?

While in the Country of Yamato our heroes are joined by the wizard Seimei and his servant Toutetsu. They’re not the only one’s gaining more forces though. Fuming from her defeat, Onihime has enlisted the aid of Enki in her plans for revenge.

Episode 4: Mad Dance of the Giant Boobs!? The Pine Forest of Miho!

Even heroes need to take a vacation…and so do villains apparently! Momoko and Onihime agree to spend the day in harmony as both their groups relax at the beach together. However, the serene atmosphere may not last for long.

Episode 5: Suspicious!? The Trap in the Fog!

Momoko and her friends seem to have finally met their match in Youki and its causing mistrust within the group. Their friendship is in turmoil as a fortune teller’s foreboding prediction tells them that one of them will bring misery to the others!

Episode 6: A Star is Born! We're the Celestial Maiden Squad!

At the request of Sumeragi, the Celestial Maiden Squad have become idols. With their popularity on the rise and busy schedule, they can no longer search for Michimi Peach Fragments! Will Momoko’s group be able to handle the quest without them?

Episode 7: Lost!? Momoko's Important Thing

In the midst of battle Onihime’s strike causes Momoko to lose the only clue she has to her past! With the sadness of losing her precious charm overwhelming her and Youki hatches a plan to get all of the Michimi Peach fragments.

Episode 8: Peach Plan the Underwear that Disappeared into the Stream!?

A hot spring has all of the ladies excited about its wondrous “medicinal” capabilities. Unfortunately their relaxing trip is abruptly interrupted when a panty thief strikes! Can Momoko and the others keep their composure and defeat the criminal?

Episode 9: A Huge Plot Twist!? Momo's Secret!

Momoko and Onihime learn they have more than just the search for the Michimi Peach fragments in common. As they begin to face the truth of their past the Michimi Peach’s core has been uncovered! Can the heroes defeat the oni and recover the treasure?

Episode 10: Shocking! Onigashima's Counterattack!!

With our heroes’ recent defeat and Kaguya now helping Jakiou, the future is looking bleak. As the fragments of the Michimi Peach gather Momoko is still struggling with the truth of her past! Will she be able to regroup and defeat the oni?

Episode 11: The Last Battle! Momoko vs. Jakiou!!

The final battle begins as Momoko and her companions storm Onigashima in hopes of stopping the destruction of the realms. As they make their way through the castle they’re forced to separate leaving Momoko to face Jakiou.

Episode 12: Peach Fantasy! Momo Kyun Sword

With Jakiou's defeat, Youki heads to take control of the Michimi Peach for himself! Meanwhile Onihime continues to struggle with the truth of her identity and confronts Momoko. What will become of the sisters and their friends?

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