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Momo, The Girl God of Death

Momo is a "shinigami," also known as a "Death God." With her companion, Daniel, Momo leads deceased souls to the other side. Unlike other shinigami, Momo seeks to ease the suffering of both the living and the dead.

Drama Supernatural

Episodes (6)

Episode 1: Your Voice

When Mai falls ill and dies, Kota blames her cat. Kota intends to leave the cat for dead, but Momo--a shinigami or "death god"--allows him the chance to speak with Mai once more.

Episode 2: When I Was a Fish

Mitsuki Asano is a normal high school student until Momo informs him that he will soon die.

Episode 3: Beyond the Light

Kantaro Ichihara's grandfather has passed away. While he cleans his grandfather's room, he finds instructions to uncover a treasure.

Episode 4: Autumn Magic

Chiaki Kazama tries to fill the shoes of her mother after she passes away. Momo gives her a way to speak with her mother one last time.

Episode 5: Lights of a Firefly

Eko Miyazaki seeks Kota's help so he can tell his deceased sister goodbye once and for all.

Episode 6: Journey of the Heart

Sakura Kisakai wakes up dead. When she returns to the place where she died, she meets Momo.


Episode 7 (2 min)


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