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Medaka Box Abnormal (Season 2)

What began as an assistance program spirals out of control, and exposes Medaka Kurokami as something more than human. But that’s only the first of a series of revelations that illuminate a dark plan. Still, Medaka’s good at thinking outside the box, and if she needs the backing of the Student Council’s every hidden resource to meet the challenge, that’s what she’s going to get. Get ready for action, violence and gorgeous girls—the way only Studio Gainax can make them—as the hits, grins, jiggles and girls enter the berserker stage in the incredible second series: MEDAKA BOX ABNORMAL!

Action Fantasy

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Normal, Special, and Abnormal

Medaka is invited to fill a newly vacant spot in Class 13, but other students are vying for the spot and will stop at nothing to get it!

Episode 2: Sister, Sister, Sister!

Medaka is no match for Class 13. In order to power up, she must visit the one person who knows all her weaknesses.

Episode 3: Crush You Today

Medaka's and Zenkichi's one day training is paying off. They ready themselves to fight more of Class 13 in order to stop the Flask Plan!

Episode 4: The Monster I've Sought!

Medaka's first opponent catches her off guard with his abnormality. Medaka will have to push her body to the limit and speak with her fist to make it to the next floor.

Episode 5: You Can't Be Killed

When every reason is a reason to kill, Munakata Kei cannot be stopped with words. Medaka is in no shape to take on such a killer, so it is up to her best friend to step up.

Episode 6: Please Become My Something

Kouki has been separated from the group by Black White. Black White offers him a deal, while Best Pain attempts to assassinate him.

Episode 7: The Lovely Name

With some advice from Maguro, Akune might have a chance winning against Best Pain. Maguro himself is more interested in Black White aka Naze Youka.

Episode 8: I Don't Want to See You Cry

Things aren't looking well for Student Council. The members are hurt, and Medaka is incapacitated. To make matters worse, a new group of 13 students have offered their help to Supervisor Naze.

Episode 9: Kurokami Medaka (Rev)

Kikaijima challenges Yukuhashi, who seems to anticipate her every move.

Episode 10: How to Make Everyone Happy

Medaka-chan is gone; there is only Kurokami Medaka (Rev). Without anyone to stop her, Medaka (Rev) will disband the Student Council!

Episode 11: That's All She Wrote!

Naze implores her brother to fix Koga. Meanwhile, Medaka faces off with Oudo.

Episode 12: Good Loser Kumagawa

Medaka's story will continue...but it's a story for another time and place!


Episode 13 (2 min)


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