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Mashiroiro Symphony ~ The Color of Lovers

Watch it boys: if you're trying to get in, these girls will make sure you stay out! Poor Shingo. As soon as life starts becoming normal, his coed school, Kagamidai, begins the process of merging with Yuihime, an all girls private academy. Not only that, but Shingo's also been picked to be part of a group of test males who will be transferred into a Yuihime classroom. Suddenly, he is surrounded by the enemy, no ammo in sight, and with literally no man power to back him up. How will Shingo survive this death trap of feisty females? Will he learn to coexist, or will he just get his eyes scratched out? Find out in Mashiroiro Symphony ~ The Color of Lovers!

Drama Mature Romance Shoujo

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: White-Colored Meeting

A dead cell phone is the turning point in young Shingo's life. After receiving news of the upcoming merger, the game changes...and not for the better!

Episode 2: Rejection Colored Cooking

Going to school with hundreds of girls is every boy's dream right? Not poor Shingo, who suddenly finds himself making several embarrassing mistakes.

Episode 3: Annoyance-Colored Anxiety

Now a committee member, it's up to Shingo to improve the declining atmosphere in his class. All his efforts will prove fruitless until he can turn Airi, who continues to keep her distance.

Episode 4: Airi-Colored Secret

Airi reveals to Shingo and the others that she's been living alone since she started at Yuijo and has just enough money to cover her living expenses. With that in mind, Shingo arranges a surprise for Airi in order to lift her spirits.

Episode 5: I am Your-Colored Maid

Airi thinks she's falling for Shingo, but she must make sure by figuring out if she feels differently around him than when she's around other guys. Meanwhile, Shingo overhears that the Principal is planning to disband the Nuko Club and steps in to try to save it.

Episode 6: Search-Colored Bath Time

Angelina begins to follow Shingo around in hopes of helping him however she can. She ends up joining the Nuko Club and helps with recruitment. Later on, bath time becomes awkward, and Shingo is trapped with little option but to do the unthinkable.

Episode 7: Twilight-Colored Swing

People are convinced that Inui and Uryu are dating.

Episode 8: Kitten Colored Black and White

The Nuko Club has a new member: an abandoned black and white kitten. Miu immediately becomes attached to the stray while Shingo and Sana have an important conversation.

Episode 9: Same-Colored Coupled

Miu is back at it again, as Shingo and Sana find her once again in the club room caring for the abandoned kittens. The Nuko Club's adviser decides to separate the kittens, amid Miu's protests. She invites Shingo to her house, and he meets her eccentric mother.

Episode 10: Tear-Colored Shelter

Airi knows about Sana's feelings toward Shingo, and is worried that Sana is completely ignoring them. The kittens become restless in their new homes, and are brought back to the club room.

Episode 11: Mashiroiro Symphony

Airi covers for Sana, who has been absent from school, by telling people she has a cold. Upon her return, Sana believes she has truly dealt with her feelings toward Shingo. Shingo and Miu decide to go Christmas shopping.

Episode 12: Beginning-Colored Season

Pannya's time with the Nuko Club is nearing it's end, as the members decide to let it go back to its family.  Airi is moved by Miu's devotion to Pannya, and decides to help the merger succeed.  Find out if it goes through in the Mashiroiro Symphony finale!

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