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Maria Holic Alive (Season 2)

The craziness continues in Maria Holic Alive!  Kanako and Mariya are back and up to their old tricks once again at the Ame no Kisaki school for girls.  With Kanako's penchant for breaking out in hives when a boy is near and Mariya's sadistic nature (plus her love of torturing poor Kanako),  there's no telling what kind of antics they'll get into!  Don't forget Matsurika, the sharp-talking maid, who puts them both in their places every chance she gets.  The nose bleeds will run wild, as silly, sexy fun collides with short-fused cross dressers and towering terrors in Maria Holic Alive!  

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: The Forbidden Women's Dorm

In order to reach the famous tree where her parents once confessed their love to each other, Kanako and her friends must brave the challenges of Girl's Dorm #1. The traps are set, and only the strong will survive the harrowing journey ahead!

Episode 2: Playing the Immoral Game

A trio of short stories sees Kanako, Mariya and Matsurika in some strange situations. The nosebleeds wont stop, and Kanako doesn't care!

Episode 3: Greed's Tremor

A little dieting never hurt anyone...right? After failing to fit into her chick magnet mini skirt, Kanako embarks on a journey to the lands of the quick fix. Dried mushroom's wont save you this time, Miyamae!

Episode 4: The Captive Maiden

For her crimes against Mr. Yunakuni, Kanako must stand trial before GOD herself. With Matsurika as her counsel and Mariya doing the prosecuting, Kanako is looking at some serious time in a woman's prison...though that might be a dream come true for our extra tall, extra perverted heroine!

Episode 5: Sullied Sisters

After failing all of her final exams, Kanako is whisked away by the Dorm Supervisor to begin her grueling yearlong study session...or is it only week long? As she returns from her hiatus, Kanako comes to find that piled up hair is in, and the fate of her free time depends on a historically accurate card game. Poor Miyamae!

Episode 6: Heart Pounding Mission: School Scramble!

What exactly happened during that mysterious week when...that giant girl was away? Apparently, enough to convince Matsurika that she wasn't needed! Elsewhere, Father Kanae is up to his never ending soliloquies that are threatening to turn this into Toichiro Holic! The card battles, up do, and deco fads are born, and all without our oft neglected main character!

Episode 7: The REAL Swimming Competition Full of Pretty Girls

Kanako's dream day is here! The swim meet is on, and Miyamae is losing pints of blood just thinking about it. Mariya and her brother (sister?) have their own plans, however, and it involves the old switch-a-roo, which Kanako is ecstatic about. Looking forward to a night with an ACTUAL female Mariya, Kanako will stop at nothing to make sure it happens!

Episode 8: Sullied Innocence

Sachi Birthday to you! It's Sachi Momoi's birthday today, and this is the perfect time for Kanako to indulge in her deepest desires. What sort of perverted present will she give Sachi, and how will Mariya and Matsurika find a way to spoil all her fun?

Episode 9: The Precocious Fiance

Ryuken gets a bit of a surprise when a ten year old claiming to be her fiance shows up to Ame No Kisaki.  While being punished with not having a speaking role in this episode, Kanako makes it her mission to usurp this bug collecting menace from her dear Ryuken's sight!

Episode 10: The Holy Man's Scapegoat/The Feast in the Wet Dream/The Forbidden Relationship/The Nape in the Summer

Cursed rosaries and yukata harems are the order of the day, and Kanako has to suffer through both! Though they are completely different kinds of suffering, you may not even call one suffering at all if you're Kanako.

Episode 11: The Younger Sister's Juicy Secret

Kanako's younger sister Miki has arrived at Ame No Kisaki. Aside from dealing with Kanako's obvious "imouto" complex, Miki has come to look around campus and see what the school has to offer. When she meets up with Mariya, the settings change and Kanako has to bear witness as Miki lets loose a secret she's kept hidden ever since she was a little girl.

Episode 12: Kanako's Birthday!

It's Kanako's birthday...but will anyone actually remember? Certainly after dropping clue after clue, a surprise party MUST be in order!


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