TV-MA - TV Series
Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful

The number of days that Mahoro has left are steadily declining. Another android girl comes into everyones lives and becomes attached to Mahoro.

Action Comedy Drama Romance Sci-Fi Shounen

Episodes (15)

Episode 1: Return of the Maid

While Mahoro and Suguru are shopping one day they come across an android that is being chased by mecha robots out to kill her.

Episode 2: From Today On, You Are Minawa

Minawa is now attending school with Suguru and they are pretending that she is Mahoro's sister. Minawa keeps on messing up and getting injured at school.

Episode 3: Dreams Should Be Grand

Mahoro buys some strange machines so that she can use them to enhance her bust. This does not work so the next day she receives a strange package from Vesper that contains missiles that she can contain in her bra.

Episode 4: Looking For A Lost Object

Vesper tells Mahoro that a bomb is hidden underneath the school. The students try to take the bomb as they believe it is a magic love granting item.

Episode 5: Will I Catch A Cold Tomorrow?

Mahoro and Minawa decorate the house for a Christmas party that Suguru is going to throw.

Episode 6: Doing Delightful New Year Things

Now that is is New Years the group goes to the shrine for good luck.

Episode 7: Don't Ever Come Back Again!

Suguru wants to participate in the annual fighting festival but Mahoro is against this idea. Suguru sneaks out of the house to go participate so Mahoro and Minawa go out to find him.

Episode 8: Grandfather and Grandson

Suguru's grandfather comes for a visit as he has been worried about his grandson. He sees that he is being well taken care of.

Episode 9: Sweeter Than Love, But a Bit Bitter

It is now Valentines Day and everyone is busy making their valentines and passing out chocolate candy. Mahoro teaches Minawa how to make the chocolate candy and tells her she has to give it to someone special.

Episode 10: Things I Like

An evil android shows up and tells Minawa that she is to take Suguru hostage. Mahoro finds out from Slash what has happened and she goes to the lab to find Suguru.

Episode 11: A Wish, The Color of Cherry Blossoms

After everyone has been rescued they are taken to Vesper where they tell Suguru everything. Mahoro begins to realize how attached she is to Suguru and her life with him and their friends that she can not bear the thought of leaving them.

Episode 12: The Annunciation

Mahoro has to fight for her life and for the first time she is afraid of the future and even of death.

Episode 13: End Of A Dream

Yuuichiro plans to attend the party held by the Keepers. Mahoro and Suguru escape to Bolivia but have been followed by Feldrance. Mahoro is forced to use her ultimate weapon as her strength is decreasing.

Episode 14: Na-Geanna

After Mahoro leaves, Suguru joins Vesper and becomes an assassin to kill androids. After getting drunk one day, he meets a girl that reminds him of Mahoro.

Episode 15: Mahoromatic Summer Special

Mahoro decides to fight with Management in order to get Suguru's stack of dirty books. Mahoro will round up all the girls and Suguru will round up all the boys so that they can protect his supply of dirty books.

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