Mahoromatic: I'm Home!

Suguru lives with Minawa and Mahoro, two maids who also happen to be combat robots—relics from the war between alien life and Earth. Both are allowed to live as maids as long as they don’t have weapons. While Minawa, Mahoro, Suguru, and classmates prepare for the town’s 120 year anniversary, Mahoro and Minawa are attacked!

Adventure Comedy Sci-Fi Shounen

The Returning Wind

While Mahoro is teaching everyone how to be a maid for their new store Cafe Trois, Minowa is attacked by the robots from Management.

The Returning Sky

As Mahoro helps out at Cafe Trois on the opening day, she senses danger. When the robot henchmen close in, Mahoro rushes to Minowa's aid.


Episode 3 (2 min)


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