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Magical Warfare

The last few years haven’t been easy for Takeshi Nanase. In fact, for two years the only real high point in Takeshi’s existence has been studying the Japanese sword-fighting technique of Kendo. That is, until he discovers an unconscious girl in an unknown uniform in the school hallway. When the worlds of the mystical and the mundane collide, anything can happen in MAGICAL WARFARE!

Action Fantasy Romance

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Midsummer Magical Girl

Takeshi gets thrust into a war that spans two worlds: the real world and a ruined world where magic users rule.

Episode 2: Another World

Takeshi and the others are offered a chance to enroll in the magic academy. With a war on the way, the decision becomes life changing for all involved.

Episode 3: The Magic Academy and Love Fortunes

Takeshi and the others continue training their abilities. Isoshima becomes jealous of Mui and suspects that she is trying to take Takeshi away form her.

Episode 4: Mui and Tsuganashi of the Ruined World

Mui escapes to the Ruined World in search of her brother. Takeshi and the rest follow her into the wasteland only to realize that outside of the school, every fight is life and death.

Episode 5: Magic Tests and Winter Vacation

After narrowly escaping the Ancestral Magic Exam, Mui falls ill and Isoshima creates even more tension between the group.

Episode 6: Battle and Recovery

Takeshi and his friends are allowed to participate in the rescue mission to bring back Mui's older brother from the Trailers' grip. Things go awry when both Tsuganashi and Washizu strike while everyone's guard is down.

Episode 7: The Magic Sword's Secret

Takeshi has been having strange nightmares. What begins as a few restless nights turns into a life and death situation as Twilight begins to truly awaken.

Episode 8: Wizard Brace's Darkness

An incident between the Ida siblings causes Futaba to become a magician, garnering Subaru Magic Academy with a new student to its ranks.

Episode 9: Prelude to Destruction

The leader of Ghost Trailers has risen once again, starting the Second Great Magic War.

Episode 10: Vanishing Boundaries

Takeshi is sent o tthe all girls school Camelot to recuperate. Later, Takeshi's mom decides to train her son to give him the strength to find Isoshima.

Episode 11: The Battle of Pendragon

After strengthening himself for the fights to come, Takeshi and his friends head to the Trailer's HQ to save Isoshima from Gekkou.

Episode 12: Gone From This World

After having a prophetic dream, Takeshi encounters Gekkou a ttheir childhood home, and both prepare for the begining of the end.

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