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Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

"Bein’ human, havin’ your health…that’s the most important thing." -Arumi Asahina. Try telling that to twelve-year-old Sasshi Imamiya. He’s lost his home, lost the toy collection that defined his very geekdom, and he’s about to lose his best friend, Arumi. Reality is closing in on him. That is, until they discover that their neighborhood shopping district is actually a portal to a series of parallel existences! Hilarity ensues as they try to find their way back home!

Episodes (13)

Episode 1: Mystery! Abenobashi Shopping Arcade

Summer is almost gone, and Sasshi learns his close friend Arumi is moving soon. To make matters worse, many of the local shops are going out of business and a new shopping area is coming. And now Sasshi and Arumi soon find that they aren't in Osaka anymore, and instead, have suddenly been transported to a strange and magical world.

Episode 2: Adventure! Abenobashi Sword and Sorcery Shopping Arcade

Osaka is gone, and Arumi and Sasshi find themselves in a world full of dragons and strange mythical creatures. All the familiar faces from back home are here, but with completely different personalities, and the two are suddenly enlisted to conquer an evil force.

Episode 3: Hook Up! Abenobashi Great Milky Way Shopping Arcade

Sasshi and Arumi believed that a strange goblin they encountered when they first arrived in the Middle Ages would have the power to send them home. He may have sent them away, but now they are stuck in a futuristic version of their home, and mecha combat could be their only means of escape.

Episode 4: Fire It Up! Abenobashi Hong Kong Combat Shopping Arcade

It seems that the goblin just can't get things right. Another attempt to send Arumi and Sasshi back home finds them now in Hong Kong, and Sasshi is enlisted to train and be a part of an upcoming tournament.

Episode 5: Extinction! Abenobashi Ancient Dinosaur Shopping Arcade

Sasshi and Arumi thought for sure that they were going back home this time, but that's just not to be. Instead, they find themselves in a prehistoric version of their home, complete with the usual cast of strange relatives that they have grown accustomed to seeing.

Episode 6: In the Night Fog! Abenobashi Hard Boiled Shopping Arcade

Sasshi and Arumi are in a new version of their home that has a vibe very similar to 1930's gangster films, but they both end up working on opposites sides, unintentionally of course.

Episode 7: Flashback! Magical Shopping Arcade Birth

A more somber look at the magical shopping arcade as told from those that were there some 50 years ago.

Episode 8: Set Your Heart Aflutter! Abenobashi Campus Shopping Arcade

Sasshi thinks that, he and Arumi might have finally made it back to their world. That is, until he notices all of the cute high school girls wandering around in droves, and it's at that point he realizes that they have managed to find their way into the real life equivalent of a dating simulation video game.

Episode 9: It Cries! The Bush Warbler Heiankyo

Arumi has left Sasshi out of pure frustration, and probably because she looks like a goblin, and also probably due to the fact that she's grown over 50 feet high. Eutus, however, has agreed to help Sasshi get back home and reveals the truth to him, as well as their karmic connection.

Episode 10: Fluffy, Bubbly, Abenobashi Fairy Tale Shopping Arcade

Determined to find the perfect place that will make Arumi happy, and where he won't have to deal with his grandfather's death, Sasshi puts the two of them in a fairy tale world. But Arumi isn't happy at all.

Episode 11: Resolution! Abenobashi Battlefield Shopping Arcade

After the troubles of the amusement park, Sasshi and Armui are now at war. On both side of a conflict, the two armies fight for the Abenobashi Shopping Arcade.

Episode 12: Huge Reversal?! Abenobashi Hollywood Shopping Arcade

The two kids now find themselves in a world of Sasshi's favorite movies. She really enjoys the big Hollywood movies, from Raiders of the Lost Ark to Monty Python. Its all here and more inside Sasshi movie-land.

Episode 13: Return to Life! The Legendary Omnyou Mystic

Armui and Sasshi have finally made their way home. But Armui's grandfather will still be dead. Sasshi refuses to let that happen, so he jumps again into another world. But in the end he cannot dream away reality.