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Magical Play

Padudu is a young girl who travels to Sweetland, from her own land, Sea Heaven. Once there, she competes with many others, ranging from winning simple contests to fights. These earn them 'Hanamaru', which are simple designs from a stamp, and when enough are collected, the girl will get the right to become a Magical girl on earth.

Adventure Comedy

The Day it Rained Fish

Pipin falls from the clutches of a bird. Padudu walks out for adventure, meeting up with Myumyu, and they are soon attacked by a mysterious man. Pipin wants to fight on her own for the flower mark, but is scared of the tall Nonononn. Zucchini has set up a trap for the Myumyu and now Padudu and Pipin may fall into it as well. Poor Mustard can’t please her partner Ketchup.

Uokichi's Ordeal

Zuchini tricks the girls into walking to a desert, and now they must find their way out of the blistering heat as Uokichi suffers. Pipin chases Padudu and Myumyu into the dark insides of a tree; the girls must dry themselves off after falling into a lake; the three girls participate in the Magical Girl competition of the Garden of the Donians; Mustard is ordered to cook a creature by Ketchup, only to have it turn out disastrous.

Mission Zucchini

Zucchini must try to defeat Nonononn, even if it means his own life; the girls find themselves trapped inside the Forever Shopping District, unable to escape the desire to buy things; Padudu wonders what happens when one eats Uokichi’s flesh; Padudu tells Myumyu and Pipin how she took a bite of Uokichi’s flesh; the girls go crazy throwing wishing stars at Earth; the Brother Princesses arrive to help Padudu.

Battle in the Third Deminsion

Padudu and Myumyu find themselves as flat animated characters in a 3D world; an Earth simulator has a multiple choice test for the trio; Nonononn walks around Japan; Nonononn becomes depressed; Uokichi is kidnapped; Padudu and Pipin must fight.

3-D Magical Play

Padudu has found herself arrested and sent into a dark prison. Along with Nonononn she will have to go into an arena and fight for her survival.


Episode 6 (2 min)


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