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There are twisted tales, but few are as twisted as poor Sado’s, who’s just realized that he LIKES being made miserable. Of course, knowing that only makes him more miserable. Desperate to break the circle, Sado volunteers for a special club where he hopes he can work through his issues, only to discover that the other members each have a unique dilemma that is just as complex as his. Think you’ve seen EVERYTHING that can happen in an anime? Prepare to have your eyes opened to FULL anime size as you enter a whole new paradigm with MM!

Comedy Mature Romance Slice of Life

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Straight-Descending First Love

Taro Sado is an ordinary high school kid, but he has a very serious issue that’s keeping him from confessing his feelings to the girl he has a crush on. To get some help, he visits “Second Voluntary Club.”

Episode 2: The Distance Between Similar People

Both Taro and Arashiko have serious issues that they need to overcome. Taro is a masochist who loves to be beaten by women while Arashiko has a phobia of men and can’t help beating them up anytime one gets close to her.

Episode 3: The Dog Fight For You

Yumi Mamiya is a good friend of Arashiko, and she shows up out of the blue. Because Arashiko is friendly with Taro, Yumi, who’s very protective of Arashiko, displays hostility toward Taro.

Episode 4: This And That Silly Couple

Mio asks Taro to go on a date with her, and she insists that’s solely to rehabilitate his masochistic condition. Mio believes that the power of love can cure any complex. Under the directions of Michiru the couple starts the date.

Episode 5: Genius Girl is in Raging Panic!

Noa Hiiragi is known as a genius student who’s a member of “Inventor’s Club”.  Taro finds a mysterious letter in his shoe locker and it turns out to be from Noa Hiiragi. Taro goes to meet her not knowing she has ulterior motives.

Episode 6: My Trouble-Filled Home

Taro’s mother Tomoko and his sister Shizuka notice that Arashiko has been hanging out a lot with Taro lately. The two get suspicious of her and come up with a plot to lure Arashiko to their home, hoping to destroy her.

Episode 7: Love Triangle in the Summer?

The members of Second Voluntary Club and some other friends have come to the beach for the “intensive training camp”. While Taro and Arashiko get closer to each other, a mechanical shark emerges and kidnaps them to the offshore island.

Episode 8: “B” and “L” Love Relationship

Hypnosis is a new method Mio came up to cure Taro’s masochism. Her hypnosis appears to have worked on Taro at first, but now he has completely different issues and they’re all as bizarre as his old issue.

Episode 9: MFC’s Great Conspiracy

Sakuramori Festival is here! The Second Voluntary Club will set up a “trouble-shooting booth” to solve people’s issues. Taro and Mio sit in the booth, but no one comes. Meanwhile, a threatening letter gets delivered to the festival committee and it suggests that the “cursed student” will receive the punishment during the festival.

Episode 10: Sadistic Lady Arashiko

Taro notices a sudden change in Arashiko’s behavior. She’s no longer sweet and shy, but now bossy and mean just like Mio. Taro wonders if Mio has said something to Arashiko for her to act so erratically, but accusing her only results in harsh punishment.

Episode 11: The Lost Memory

Lady Mio’s very sadistic treatment for Taro’s super masochism is now in session.  As he begs for more beating from Lady Mio, he accidentally slips and knocks himself unconscious for a second. He gets up but he doesn’t remember anyone who’s around him.

Episode 12: The Christmas Wish

The Second Voluntary Club members are setting up  Christmas trees so that students can hang strips of papers with their wishes. That was Mio’s idea because she wants to make their wishes come true as her Christmas gifts for them; however the most of the wishes are unrealistic and unachievable.


Episode 13 (2 min)


Episode 14 (1 min)


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