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You don’t necessarily have to wear rose-colored glasses to get a better view of the world, you just have to wear glasses! That’s the philosophy of Akira Soma, a high school student who breaks humanity into three kinds of people: those wear glasses, those who don’t and girls. Fortunately pals Yukiya, adoring Mitsuki, dreamy Takuma and fashion lens wearing Hayato are more than happy to share Akira’s vision of a bespectacled world, even if it sometimes means making a huge spectacle in MEGANEBU!

Comedy Slice of Life

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: We Don't Use Glasses Merely As a Vision Correction Tool or a Fashion Accessory...That is Our Glasses Club

The boys in the Glasses Club are in a race against time to perfect their x-ray specs before the beautiful vision test nurse arrives!

Episode 2: Any Man Who Wears Glasses Cannot Be a Bad Man

The members of Meganebu reminisce on how they joined the club and became friends. Later, the strongest frames are born!

Episode 3: I Hope you Finish the X-Ray Glasses

While hatching a scheme to shorten an hours down to 55 minutes, Meganebu stumble upon a pair of haunted Aviators.

Episode 4: This is What it Means to Wear REAL Glasses

Mitsuki discovers the Golden Ratio of smile to glasses. Later, Takuma tries to hide his broken glasses from his two older brothers.

Episode 5: Even if He is, He Wouldn't Tell Some Jerk in Fake Glasses

Rain, the final boss of glasses wearers. The boys have devised an ingenious new pair of glasses, and brave the storm atop their tandem bike…to victory.

Episode 6: MR

The Glasses Club goes in search for the perfect glasses wipes, and run into a rival group.

Episode 7: Come Glasses Wearers, Your Glasses Will Change the World!

Himakai is plotting to disband Meganebu, unless they find a fifth member. Reminder: Hayato is still a provisionary member!

Episode 8: As Long as My Glasses Sparkle, You Won't Get Away With It!

Someone has been sabotaging the lunch hour for each member of Meganebu. Super Detective Mitsuki is on the case!

Episode 9: A Revolution for Glasses Wearers

The older members of Meganebu head off for a school trip to Okinawa. Meanwhile, the juniors get into their own misadventures.

Episode 10: The Rules Say You're Safe, But Glasses Say You're Out/When I Look at the Glasses Club, It Makes Me Think of Us Back Then

Its all fun and games until Akira finds a board game that could come between the players and their glasses. Who will win and will they make a spectacle of themselves?

Episode 11: It's Only Natural That Glasses Wearers Love Glasses

Hima High's culture festival draws near, and the student council's plan to build a beautiful tower to bring the school more popularity is supported only by the boys of Meganebu.

Episode 12: Glasses Club

Akira and the rest of Meganebu unveil their treasure hunt game at the culture festival. Later the Student Council reveals their grand tower to the world.

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