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Love Love?

The secret writer for the CosPrayers TV show, Naoto Ooizumi, develops a crush on one of the show's actresses. The ups and downs and twists and turns of their blossoming relationship keep our hearts full and our heads spinning!


Episodes (10)

Episode 1: Wet Sand of March

Ooizumi begins filming a new series starring five beauties, but there's one in particular who stands out.

Episode 2: June ~ Country of Dreams

Yagami doubts her abilities as an actress. She turns to Ooizumi for support, but it seems the other girls need him too!

Episode 3: Rhapsody of July

Ooizumi is left alone with the five beautiful stars, and the compromising situations abound!

Episode 4: Deserted Schoolyard of August

Yagami continues to feel like a hack actress, and Ooizumi encourages her to persevere!

Episode 5: If It Becomes September

Ooizumi is caught off guard when he constantly fantasizes about the girls performing Rayer Change.

Episode 6: Sky of September

Ooizumi and Yagami go on an unexpected date.

Episode 7: Men Are Unable to Endure That

Ooizumi's dreams come try and has the girls falling all over him.

Episode 8: The Actresses Who Were Cast Into Hell

Ooizumi's usual fantasies take a dark turn.

Episode 9: A Man Who Is Understood Too Well

Ooizumi vents his frustration in his newest script.

Episode 10: The Days of Love & Reminiscence

Ooizumi questions his new writing style for his script.


Episode 14 (2 min)


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