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Love, Election & Chocolate

In Japan, participation in extra-curricular activities is as fundamental as the curriculum itself. Not all students are overachievers; for Yuki Ojima, the Food Research Club is a slacker's haven until a new candidate for Student Council president announces her intent to get rid of clubs like the FRC. To start, Yuki enlists the help of the current chocolate president and his chocolate-adverse friend who suggests that Yuki run for Student Council himself! Banding with the other goofs and goof-offs, Yuki might coast his way to victory! Whether they savor victory or taste defeat, you're certain to eat up LOVE, ELECTION & CHOCOLATE!

Comedy Drama Romance

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Disbanding the Club!

It's student council election time and the members of the Food Research Club have learned that the frontrunner means to disband all non essential clubs, including the FRC!  Fearing the worst, the group decides to have Yuki run for election.

Episode 2: Running in the Election!

Yuki’s ability to run for student council isn’t the only thing on his mind; he is optimistic that the season of love has finally come. Frustrated about the club’s eminent demise and the election, Yuki decides to quit the club and forget about the presidency...until the current president lends his support!

Episode 3: Strategy!

Yuki blazes the campaign trail in order to secure enough votes to win the primary election. Things seem promising when the current president lends his support. Meanwhile, Chisato's jealousy reaches an all time high.

Episode 4: Funding!

The FRC laments the high cost of running in an election and finally comes up with a plan to earn the necessary funds. Meanwhile, Aomi continues to endure harassment from the wealthier students.

Episode 5: Festivities!

The primary election begins, but Yuki isn't the only one competing. A cosplay contest determines who win a chance to be closer with Yuki. Later, Mifuyu mistakenly gives Yuki a story of her imagined romance with him instead of his campaign speech...and he's about to read it to the whole school!!

Episode 6: Counting Votes

A the only thing that prevents Yuki from delivering the wrong speech. Later, Team Yuki waits patiently while all the votes are counted. An unexpected fourth contender could knock Yuki out of the race! Will it be a sweet victory or a bitter loss!?

Episode 7: The Camp

Ojima finds out that even he just made it past the preliminaries, they're still short on votes for the next part. Chisato is confused about how Ojima feels and had a flashback of a certain incident. Hazuki causes Ojima more problems when he forced to carry her into the girls' dormitory.

Episode 8: The Truth

While stuck in the girls' dormitory with Satsuki, Ojima learns more about her family and her sister, Hazuki.

Episode 9: Accident

A quick glimpse into Chisato's dreams reveals the nightmare she lives with every day. Later, Yuki proclaims that he will endorse a new anti-bullying policy. Yuina Osawa returns to her post as the head of the Security Department, and an unthinkable event makes Chisato face her fear of losing Yuki.

Episode 10: Entangled

Chisato is devastated by Yuki's close call. Yu is warned to avoid anti-bullying rhetoric in his campaign; later, he learns some unsettling--and dangerous--truths from President Mouri.

Episode 11: Search!

Yuki learns that someone in his camp is a spy. Later, Chisato and Yuki make amends and try to move forward...until Chisato becomes the victim of dirty politics.

Episode 12: Voting!

Yuki awakes after the assault to find Chisato missing. After a wild goose chase around the city, President Mouri comes to his aid unexpectedly. Yuki goes on to deliver his final speech, and the election results in an unlikely victory for one candidate.

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