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Log Horizon 2

After struggling to survive in a surreal existence they were suddenly thrown into, Shiroe and his friends have managed to restore order to Akihabara. After six months with the team gaining the trust of the many guilds that use the city as their base, they must now prepare for a tough winter ahead. Whatever they may decide, this world that was once a game for the players is now reality and they must decide what is best for each and every one of the members of the team.

Episodes (25)

Episode 1: Shiroe of the Northern Lands

The price to keep Akihabara running smoothly is escalating by the second. Shiroe concludes that he must leave the city to seek an answer elsewhere, before the Adventurer's hub drowns in debt.

Episode 2: The Outlaw and Mythril Eyes

While Shiroe does some recruiting for the upcoming raid, Naotsugu does a little recruiting of his own. Meanwhile, Akatsuki is wondering what Shiroe has planned for her while she carries out his assignment.

Episode 3: The Abyssal Shaft

The full raid is on as Shiroe and his party begin their treacherous exploration of the Abyssal Shaft. With no idea of their progress and raid bosses lurking in the shadows, supplies become an issue for the group.

Episode 4: Shattered Wings

The Christmas celebrations have begun, and while Lenessia doesn't understand this strange custom, she does enjoy the company that has suddenly shown up at her doorstep. Akatasuki contemplates her mission and role in the world.

Episode 5: Christmas Eve

The murderer is still on the prowl, and as Christmas draws nearer, attacks intensify. Shouji and his guild begin round the clock patrols to apprehend the serial killer, but do no realize the tremendous power they are up against.

Episode 6: A Lost Child at Dawn

Akatsuki and Shiroe meet each other in a quiet place Adventurers reach after they die. Knowing that she will need all the resources she can get to track and defeat the murderer, Akatsuki looks to her friends for guidance.

Episode 7: The Watermaple Maidens

Akatsuki, desperate to defeat the murderer, goes to her friends for help in an attempt to learn the Teachings. A plan is formulated to defeat the murderer within the city.

Episode 8: Akihabara Raid

Akatsuki has her showdown with the Royal Guard gone mad. His blade is the key to his madness, and while the Maiden's "kiting" method may hold him off momentarily, Princess Lenessia will provide the key to victory.

Episode 9: The Changing Battlefield

Facing a deadly foe is tough, but not knowing what it will do next makes it tougher to handle. Shiro and his group fight an uphill battle, one that sends the Adventurer to the beyond to face demons he thought long buried.

Episode 10: Guild Master

Utterly defeated, the Silver Sword guild members begin top question the feasibility of victory against insurmountable odds. William Massachusetts, sensing despair creeping into the ranks, bares his soul in order to bring morale back up.

Episode 11: Retry

Shiro and the rest of Silver Sword rise up to the challenge once again. Now armed with a better understanding of the new raid mechanics, the group entrusts the Villain in Glasses to see them to victory.

Episode 12: The Kunie’s Gold

The grandest treasures lie at the very bottom of every dungeon. Shiroe finally reaches the lowest level of the Abyssal Shaft and comes face to face with Uru of the Ninth Garden, keeper of the massive gold reserves of the Kunie Clan.

Episode 13: A Sweet Trap

It's Valentine's Day in Akihabara, and everyone is buying up Coconia fruit to make sweets for their special someone. While making candy is tradition on the 14th, the Coconia's flavor text will make this day much more interesting.

Episode 14: Kanami, Go East!

Kanami's whereabouts after The Apocalypse are revealed. As she makes her way east to Japan, a more sinister game is being played behind the scenes, with Nureha as the unwilling puppet.

Episode 15: A New Journey

Shiroe decides to send Minori, Tohya and their group on a quest to obtain their magic bags. As they prepare themselves for the journey West, they come to realize just how much the other members of Log Horizon care about them.

Episode 16: The Midday Vampire

Minori and her friends continue their journey to the Redstone Mountains, but not without a few setbacks. While rescuing a pair of People of the Land, they run into a new Adventurer who seems awfully familiar...

Episode 17: Odyssey Knights

While Minori, Tohya and their new friend continue their journey to the Redstone Mountains, an issue with class and income disparity has arisen in Akihabara, and is trheatening to destroy the city from within.

Episode 18: When the Concert Ends

Isuzu learns an important truth about the People of the Land after a successful concert. Tohya has his doubts about Dariella, but a massive monster attack keeps him from digging any further.

Episode 19: Red Night

With the city under attack, Tohya, Minori and Serara try to guide the wyverns away from the city, only to find the Odyssey Knights already in the fray.

Episode 20: Birthday Song

Nyanta immediately clashes with Londark and learns that Plant Hywaden intends to trigger the war which Shiroe had once proposed as a possibility.

Episode 21: The Skylarks Take Flight

Nyanta informs Shiroe of the encounter with Kazuhiko. Later, as Roe 2 and Dariella part ways with the young Adventurers, they entrust Minori to deliver a letter to Shiroe.

Episode 22: Stranger

Shiroe sifts through the documents sent by Roe 2 and learns new information about the world.

Episode 23: Isaac and Iselus

Isaac is in charge of shaping up the Maihama army. While there he gets a chance to meet the new crown prince of Maihama.

Episode 24: Sleep of the Eternal Moth

Something dark and twisted is hiding in the shadows. The true menace will show itself at Moonrise, and the Adventurer cities will feel their power!

Episode 25: The Pioneers

The final battle is at hand, and the Genius of Summoning stands in the way of Shiroe and his friend sin the exciting conclusion of Log Horizon 2!