TV PG - TV Series

Nanako and Yukari are plunged from high school and into the spotlight when Nanako’s uncle asks them to become their town’s local idols. Unfortunately, the glitz and glamour of stardom is limited for these small town girls when they find that their only interviews are conducted through the town’s shopping center, and their “TV appearances” are limited to low-budget cable television.

Episodes (13)

Episode 1: We Tried Starting It

Faced with an opportunity to earn some extra money, Nanako Usami agrees to aid in the endorsement of a new pool, only to find that the job requires more than she was aware of.

Episode 2: We Tried Going and Playing

Having become local idols, or "Locodol", Nanako, alongside her new friend and partner, Yukari Kohinata review a restaurant and get together to talk about naming their "unit".

Episode 3: We Tired Putting It On, We Tried Taking It Off

With their name solidified as Nagarekawa Girls, Nanako and Yukari are introduced to a mascot, whose actual identity is big surprise!

Episode 4: We Tired Adding a Manager and Stuff

The Nagarekawa Girls get a new manager who seems really on top of everything. Is she too good to be true?

Episode 5: We Tried Setting a Big Goal

Nanako begins to wonder about the group's future and sets a huge goal for them - hitting the international stage!

Episode 6: We Tried Gathering Cute and Loose Characters

Nanako and Yukari do their best to give Yui their support as she competes in the mascot athletics festival. Will she get out of it without hurting herself?

Episode 7: We Tried Adding a Lot of Things

With the possibility for the television airing of the festival to boost their popularity, the girls can't wait to see it. The only problem is that they keep missing it!

Episode 8: We Tried Gathering the Courage to Call

Distraught with Mirai's discomfort around her, Nanako tries to get closer to her with karaoke! Nanako realizes that real friendship comes more naturally.

Episode 9: We Tried Being Selfish

Nanako unwittingly runs into Yukari's grandfather, the town's previous mayor, and she starts to wonder about why Yukari decided to become an idol.

Episode 10: We Tried Working as Four

After being told about an upcoming Locodol festival, the Nagarekawa girls all pitch in to write a song, craft new choreography, and begin practicing!

Episode 11: We Tried Gathering Locodols

After working so hard, the girls discover a huge dilemma; the Locodol festival and the local Nagarekawa festival are on the same day!

Episode 12: We Tried Being Locodols

The girls head to Nagoya to perform at the Locodol competition, but the performances begin falling behind schedule! Will they make it in time to perform in their beloved town?

Episode 13: OVA: We Tried Giving a Tour of Nagarekawa

The girls from Locodol get a visit from the Awa Awa Girls on their day off. They then decide to go on a tour of Nagarekawa but they soon realize that the town lacks any tourist attractions. With that in mind, they decide to go to the local swimming pool for some fun!