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Little Snow Fairy Sugar

The Season Fairies make the weather, each kind having its own specialty.  Only full-fledged fairies have this ability.  Sugar is an apprentice Snow Fairy.  She and her friends, Salt and Pepper, have had all of the training and now need to find magical “Twinkles”.  Unfortunately, none of these fairies know what a Twinkle is.  However, they do find a human girl, Saga, who can see them when others can’t.  Saga prefers a quiet and orderly life, becomes the rather unwilling helper to these noisy, lively, little fairies.

Comedy Fantasy Slice of Life

Episodes (26)

Episode 1: Saga Meets Sugar

Saga is an ordinary girl living an ordinary life. She likes for things to be kept neat, organized and quiet. Little does she know that the tiny creature she just met is in fact a fairy! Saga’s entire life is about to become a little less ordinary.

Episode 2: An Itsy-Bitsy Roommate

Sugar wants to learn more about Saga and the human world. She decides to go with Saga to school, but keeps getting Saga into trouble. Salt and Pepper, two other fairies, join up with Sugar and make a lot of ruckus for Saga.

Episode 3: Twinkle-Twinkle, Comfy-Warm, Puffy-Fluffy

In order to become fully fledged seasoned fairies, Sugar, Salt and Pepper need to each find a “twinkle”. The trio sets off to accomplish this task and complete their goals. The only problem is that none of them have any idea what a “twinkle” is, much less where to find one!

Episode 4: Where are the Twinkles?

The three fairies refuse to give up on their search for “twinkles”. A group of pigeons hint that they should try checking the school. There they make a huge mess but are unable to find anything except for trouble.

Episode 5: The Elder Arrives!!

The fairy Elder comes to check on his apprentices’ progress and to get closer to the pretty rain fairy Ginger. His attempts to get Ginger’s attention are hampered as the little fairies bombard him with questions or hints about the “twinkles”.

Episode 6: I Couldn't Say Sorry

Sugar keeps getting herself into trouble and on Saga’s nerves, but this time things have gone too far. While trying to clean up one of her messes, she ends up damaging one of Saga’s most important possessions.

Episode 7: Heart Joining Melody

It looks like Sugar and Saga’s friendship is over for good. Even though they miss each other, both are too proud to apologize first. In the meantime, Sugar joins up with Basil and Cinnamon, but they are even more wild and irresponsible than Sugar herself.

Episode 8: The Shape of the Dreams

The inventor, Phil, is met with skepticism and disbelief when he announces that he will create an artificial aurora. Salt, though very vocal in her lack of faith in Phil and his inventions, winds up becoming his assistant.

Episode 9: The Bear Pianist

A new theater troupe comes to town with a play. One of the young actors, Vincent, drops a careless comment and upsets Saga.

Episode 10: A Backstage Happening

The fairies are curious about the play and sneak backstage to watch. Of course, wherever these fairies go, trouble is not far behind. They end up getting in the way and almost completely ruining the production.

Episode 11: My Favorite Piano

Saga just can’t figure out why Vincent behaves so strangely around her. Add to the fact that Saga greatly disapproves with his style of piano playing, and Vincent may not be able to be in her good book. Sugar and her fairy friends try to determine if Vincent can actually see them.

Episode 12: Goodbye, Mr. Bear

Everyone is surprised when Vincent asks Saga to play the piano in the last performance. Sugar helps Saga overcome her stage fright.

Episode 13: A Twinkle Found?

Even though Sugar hasn’t seemed to have found her “twinkle”, her magic flower has begun to bud. They take a trip out to the countryside to continue searching, but have a completely different adventure.

Episode 14: Pepper and The Dream of Mr. Turtle

Pepper lives in a veterinary shop and befriends a turtle named Lancelot. Even though turtles are meant to stay on the ground, Lancelot dreams of flying. Pepper tries to see if she can help him.

Episode 15: The Tiny Guest

A young girl has come to stay with Grandmother Regina. Her lively spirit exhausts Saga and even the energetic Sugar herself.

Episode 16: The Faraway Town's First Snow

The fairies go on a field trip to practice their magic and gain more experience. Sugar hopes to one day be like her mother, visits a town where that season’s snow has yet to arrive.

Episode 17: While Waiting For Sugar

Saga waits for Sugar and the other fairies to return from their trip. A storm has just hit an area where her friends must travel, which greatly worries her.

Episode 18: Festival! Waffo!

Festival day has come to Mühlenburg! Saga and Sugar join in the fun and have a very remarkable day.

Episode 19: One Memory For Two

After the festival, Saga and Sugar help with the cleaning. Sugar’s magical flower is about to bloom. Soon, they find that something is missing and must rely upon their memory and retrace their steps to find it.

Episode 20: The Vanished Promise

When Saga goes to play her mother’s piano, she finds that it has been sold. Sugar helps Saga to find where it has gone.

Episode 21: The Lonely Two

With her mother’s piano found, Saga aims to buy it back. To do this, she will have to work a lot of overtime.

Episode 22: I'm Sorry, Sugar

Saga continues to work to reclaim the piano. Sugar tries to help her. Salt and Pepper come over to tell her that they found their “twinkles”. Sugar is happy for them, but frustrated that she hasn’t found her own.

Episode 23: Tiny Miracle at Muhlenburg

Saga’s piano is about to be delivered by Greta and Luchino. Things go awry when the piano is accidentally pushed down a hill.

Episode 24: I'm Right Over Here

Sugar finally learns what her “twinkle” is when the time comes for her to leave. It is a bittersweet moment when Sugar and Saga must say their goodbyes and Sugar is able to make her magic flower bloom.

Episode 25: What's in the Heart (Part One)

Due to Sugar’s mischief, Saga finds herself cast in the lead role of her class play. Rehearsals do not go very smoothly, as Saga’s stage fright gets in the way. Sugar comes along to give her support and encouragement.

Episode 26: What's in the Heart (Part Two)

Everyone is getting excited over the upcoming play, even the fairies. Impressed and inspired by Saga, Sugar and her fairy friends decide to put on their own play. Back at school, Saga is doing much better with her anxiety and her classmates shower her with praise. The day of the performance arrives and everyone must do their best.

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