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Listen to me, girls. I am your father!

Yuta Segawa wasn’t happy when his sister married a man who already had two children. What kind of brother would Yuta be if he didn’t take in their THREE children when Yuri and her husband Shingo’s plane disappears? The life of a poor nineteen year old college student is about to crash into the role of fatherhood, a prospect Yuta imagined would NEVER happen but must now face head on. It doesn't help that his apartment is small, or that he already has a sister living with him either. Two is company, but FIVE is a disaster waiting to happen. Some family ties bind, others may need restraining orders in LISTEN TO ME, GIRLS. I AM YOUR FATHER!

Comedy Drama

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Don't Call Me Daddy

Segawa Yuuta is just starting his first year at college, miles away from his older sister who is the only family he has left.  One day she visits him at school and asks of him a big favor.

Episode 2: Come to My House

A week long vacation turns tragic, as the plane that the Takansahi's were aboard suddenly crashes.  All passengers are missing, and the girls' relatives think it's best to split the three sisters apart.

Episode 3: I Won't Cry

A long trip back to Yuuta's brings with it a plethora of emotions from the girls.  Can the four of them live peacefully under such a small roof?  How will Hina Take the news?

Episode 4: Wonderful Life

While dad's away, the girls will play!  With an apartment the size of a match box and a wild Hina on the loose, the girls decide to explore their new town instead.

Episode 5: What Happened to the Girl

After a lively morning, Yuuta accidentally leaves his phone at home.  Shuntarou takes the opportunity to talk to Miu, much to Yuuta's chagrin.  While Sora leaves to find Yuuta, a neighbor visits the apartment.

Episode 6: A Wonderful Family Trip

The girls ask Yuuta for a favor:  to return to their old house and pick up some important things.  While there a rush of emotions, friends and memories collide with the girls, and Shuntaru gets a chance to speak to Hina.

Episode 7: Thanks for Always Putting up With Us

Yuuta is having a get together with his club members at his apartment.  All is not well, however, as the school term is drawing closer, and Yuuta and the girls are not sure what to do.

Episode 8: Onii-chan's Choice!

With only one month to find a new place to live, the pressure on Yuuta is mounting.  Finding a place within distance of Hina's Daycare, train adjacent, and affordable will be hard to find.

Episode 9: A Little My Way

Miu is at the breaking point both mentally and Physically, and her classmates are worried.  As she wanders the streets of Ikebukuro, Nimura appears and takes her on a date.

Episode 10: My Blue Sky

Sora is having trouble juggling her school activities, studying, and housework.  Kurumi has ended her LumaLuma 7 run, and with both of them seeking something to move them forward, can they trust each other to help?

Episode 11: You're Not There When I Want You to Be...

With Yuuta so focused on being a good "dad", he hardly notices a visitor that comes with new information.  Snapping back to reality, he is offered a choice that could change everyone's lives.

Episode 12: I Love the World's Best Daddy

The end of the month looms large over Yuuta, but he thinks he's made the right decision.  He begins to question himself, however, after Hina's outburst about her mother and father.

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