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Legends of the Dark King - A Fist of the North Star Story

In the wastelands following the great nuclear war, a legend grew of a man.  “Hokuto No Ken.”  The Fist of the North Star.  Master of a legendary fighting technique.  A man of impossible strength and endurance.  Yet before Ken claimed the title of the Fist, there was another master, trained in the art of Hokuto Shinken, the King of the Fist, the Divine Fist of Heaven.  Raoh: the ultimate assassin, the ultimate warrior.  This is the story of the world before Fist of the North Star, and how one man took the future of a savage world into his deadly hands and reshaped its destiny.  Not as a hero but as a conqueror.  For in the mind of the man called Raoh, the only way to save Mankind is to grind it under his giant heel!  The greatest battle is about to begin in Legends of the Dark King ~ Fist of the North Star!

Action Drama Fantasy Shounen

Episodes (13)

Episode 1: My Fists are for the Heavens!

The world has been reduced to a wasteland, populated by desperate villagers, marauding bandits, and ruthless warriors. One such warrior, Raoh, dares to challenge the Demon King, to take his place as the King of Fist.

Episode 2: Kings Understand Kings!

To counter Roah’s attack, the king sends wild horses to destroy him. Unknown to the king, these horses have a special connection with Roah and his powers. The king’s plan fails.

Episode 3: No Castle Can Stand Against Me!

A woman, Sakuya, comes forward with a plan to take the castle. A mystery, with an unknown past and unproven ability, it is unclear if she can be trusted.

Episode 4: These Fists are for Other People!

Sakura’s plan gets Roah into the castle. From there, he can reach the king and claim his throne. But first, Roah must traverse the castle’s traps and many dangers.

Episode 5: Rival Siblings!

Roah may have found an ally, when he is reunited with his long lost brother. However, unlike Roah, his brother’s hands are meant to heal, not harm.

Episode 6: The Demon Awakens!

Roah continues to search for more followers to bolster his powerful force. He meets a man, now a pacifist, who was once a fierce warrior. Roah must convince him to that the time to take action has come.

Episode 7: The Blue Wolf Tears Across The Earth!

Raoh may have finally met a man more ruthless and more skilled than himself in Ryuga.

Episode 8: Wailing Resounds Through the Darkness!

Reina is concerned for her brother, fearing terrible things may be happening after he battles Igor the Lion King.

Episode 9: A Woman's Battle!

Reina wants to prove her strength and ruthlessness to Raoh. In doing so, she also puts herself into a dangerous situation.

Episode 10: Fists Smashed in Hot Sand!

Raoh and his forces find an oasis-like village in the desert. While it looks perfect, under the surface evil begins to take control of the people, including Raoh’s generals.

Episode 11: The Holy Emperor Cometh!

Raoh’s enemies, headed by his great nemesis, the Holy Emperor, have formed an alliance to prevent Roah from gaining power.  The Emperor will stop at nothing to retain his power and keep Roah and his forces at bay.

Episode 12: The King of Fist's Office is Falling!

The war is becoming bloodier and more costly.  Juda and Souther’s strong allegiance has caused an escalation in the fighting.

Episode 13: I Walk the Path of the Heavens!

The North Star and the South Star are about to collide in the final confrontation.  In this moment, the strongest shall prevail, resulting in either a new hope or ultimate destruction.


Episode 14 (2 min)

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