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Kill Me Baby

Sonya is trying to balance her life as an assassin by attending a normal high school. Yasuna is a vapid and unassuming follower who has no idea of the danger that follows Sonya. The two of them together are a super cute and super violent concoction that you won’t be able to get enough of!

Comedy Slice of Life

Episodes (13)

Episode 1: Sneaking Dog, Blossoming Cherry

Meet the dim-witted Yasuna and her cool assassin friend, Sonia. Things escalate quickly when Yasuna challenges Sonia to a water gun fight.

Episode 2: Nunchaku Skills Bear Balloon

Sonia teaches Yasuna some serious self defense moves.

Episode 3: Cursed Psychic Rain Wrestling

Yasuna sees a psychic bend a spoon on TV and decides she has to try it; later, she wants to play with voodoo dolls, but Sonia is an unwilling participant.

Episode 4: Ice Cream Scream Watermelon

The summer heat begins to get to everyone, and an assassin is sent to the school to kill Sonia.

Episode 5: Buggy Festival Sea Dolls

Sonia and Yasuna stop at a summer festival. Later, the duo rehearses for a sock puppet play, starring Sonia as the villain.

Episode 6: Navel Mechanism Paper Doll Ice

Yasuna attempts to make shaved ice in the classroom, but she forgot the ice. Turning to Agiri for help, she learns that it's almost always a mistake to ask a ninja girl for help.

Episode 7: Culture Beanbag Jousting Duel

Yasuna and Sonia wage war against the season's last mosquito. Later, they participate in Sports Day events at school where Yasuna's dream of stardom is once again destroyed.

Episode 8: Sticking, Strumming, Stabbing

Yasuna attempts to awaken songs of joy in Sonia's soul.

Episode 9: Fishing Hammer's Spawn Branch Forgotten

Yasuna and Sonia both misplace something. Since Yasuna can't remember what she's looking for and Sonia doesn't want to say what she's looking for, it proves extremely difficult for the two to help each other.

Episode 10: Santa Icicle Snow Mantra

Yasuna takes advantage of the snow and ends up catching a cold.

Episode 11: Bath Kite Rice Cake New Year's First Dream

Yasuna decides that Sonia must try the traditional Japanese pounding of the rice cake to make a soft treat to celebrate the New Year, but there is trouble deciding who should hold the mallet.

Episode 12: Drowsy Chocolate Injury Compress

Yasuna tries to tap into the market of preventing injuries before they happen.

Episode 13: Make the Kill Me and Make Me Your Baby

Yasuna finds a pair of "toy" handcuffs at home, so she brings them to school to play cops & robbers with her best friend Sonia.


Episode 14 (2 min)


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