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Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior, The

Being independent and living alone has come to Usa by way of his parents' new job placement. However, his hopes and dreams are soon dashed when Usa’s confronted with the indecent behavior of his lecherous neighbor, Shirosaki. Usa promised he wouldn’t complain if he could just live on his own...of course, he didn’t expect so much drama. And it certainly doesn’t help that dream girl Ritsu and Usa live in the same apartment complex, go to the same school, and the landlady is Ritsu’s grandaunt.

Comedy Romance Slice of Life

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Just Imagine

Finding a quiet place to live and start from fresh was priority #1 on Usa's mind. Unfortunately, he's found himself in a situation and place where it will be anything but.

Episode 2: Is it?

With vacation starting soon, everyone seems to have their own plans, except for Usa. Shiro comes to the rescue as Mayuri continues to fell into deep despair. Later, the residents watch a scary movie together.

Episode 3: Why?

Even as Usa continues to try to get closer to Ritsu, both Mayumi and Sayaka have run ins with the men in their lives, and Usa seems to be inconveniently stuck in the middle each time.

Episode 4: For Now

Usa's quest to win over Ritsu continues, and today's strategy is: Don't take the hint. After getting some less than helpful advice form his neighbors, Usa marches forward with hope in his heart.

Episode 5: Thought So

The group delves deep into how everyone files away relationships, both romantic and platonic. Later, a watergun fight breaks out, and Usa finally finds a way to connect with Ritsu.

Episode 6: Could it Be?

The residents of Kawai Complex learn a little more about Shiro, who's caught the interest of a very young girl. There's more than meets the eye, however, as her misplaced love for Shiro bellies another issue altogether.

Episode 7: Recommended

A creeper has been spotted in the area, so Sumiko forbids Ritsu from reading and walking home from school. Later, one of Sumiko's friends is in need of help at her restaurant, and Usa seems to be the perfect fit.

Episode 8: Happy

Usa starts his first day of work, and is once again instantly surrounded by weirdos. Things get even crazier when two childhood friends show up that were responsible for people knowing him as the "Freak Show Ringmaster".

Episode 9: Forbidden

Mayumi once again is on the brink after a coworker flaunts her new boyfriend. Later, the Kawai residents are attacked by the most disturbing of insects, a centipede!

Episode 10: You Could Just Ignore It

An old friend of Usa's visits him at his job: Hayashi, the once touted ghost whisperer who is now  part of the popular crowd.

Episode 11: Don't Have Any Friends

Tsuneda Miharu arrives at Kawai Complex to see her old friend Sayaka. It soon becomes apparent that unresolved differences from their past are still evident and Sayaka seems distant.

Episode 12: I Want to Get Closer

Maemura follows Ritsu around and invites her to an event for book lovers. When they arrive it turns out to be something completely different.

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