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Kamisama Dolls

Kyohei Kuga moves to Tokyo looking for a new life. However, the discovery of a bloody corpse is linked to the life he was trying to escape. Kyohei is a “seki” with the ability to psychically control “kakashi,” mysterious dolls that are regarded as vessels for “God”. Now it seems that there’s a kakashi loose in Tokyo, and it just may be up to Kyohei to stop it!

Action Comedy Drama Mature Romance

Episodes (13)

Episode 1: A God Arrives

Kuga moves to Tokyo for a fresh start, but when his apartment explodes and he finds a dead body, he realizes he hasn't traveled too far from his old life.

Episode 2: A God’s Training

When Hibino and Kyouhei take Utao to the forest in an effort to train her to control her kakashi, the lesson is cut short by an explosion from the river!

Episode 3: It Attacks...

When Aki is captured, he manages to escape and meets up with Kyohei. Meanwhile, Hibino and Utao return to the city.

Episode 4: Heruma

When Koushiro and Aki fight, Kuuko finds herself stuck in the middle.

Episode 5: To Home...

Hibino asks to join Utao and Kuga when they are forced to return to the village with the damaged Kukuri.

Episode 6: Karakami Village

Utao finds out she has a twin brother. Meanwhile, Kukuri is taken to the Utsuwashi for repairs.

Episode 7: Portrait of Memories

Chiyaha is exiled from the village for disobedience. Later, she makes the ultimate sacrifice for Aki, but the disaster doesn't end there.

Episode 8: The Role of a God

Utao's first trip to the beach is ruined by a storm that endangers everyone. Later, Aki's words resonate with Utao as she thinks about recent events.

Episode 9: Tangled Relations

Utao's meeting with her brother is cut short by an unexpected visitor whose interest in Kyohei goes deeper than anyone suspected.

Episode 10: The Princess Arrives

Seki appears, and she's unpleasant to everyone but Kyohei. Meanwhile, big plans are revealed for the Kakashi and Karakami Village.

Episode 11: Hibino Kidnapped

Mahiru's love for Kyohei compels her to take every imaginable measure to ensure nothing gets in her way....even if it means kidnapping Hibino.

Episode 12: Out of Control

To get Hibino back, the group must fight Mahiru, but they soon discover that the battle has only just begun.

Episode 13: Kuga Kyohei, the Seki

The final battle between Magatushi and Kukuri ensues, and Kyohei must decide if he'll keep running or come to terms with his past.


Episode 14 (2 min)


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