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When Shinobu was still in middle school, she had the amazing opportunity to study in England while living with a host family as an exchange student. Several years later, the daughter of her host family, Alice Cartelet, is coming to stay with her and study in Japan. But will Alice be able to fit in with Shinobu’s Japanese schoolfriends, Youko and Aya?

Comedy Slice of Life

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: ... In Wonderland

Omiya Shinobu does a homestay in England where she meets shy girl Alice, and they quickly become friends and future pen pals.

Episode 2: Even If I'm Small

Alice has arrived in Japan and is doing her own homestay with Shinobu, and she couln't be happier.

Episode 3: What Kind of Friends Will I Make

Karen, Alice's friend from England, has come to Japan.  Alice becomes somewhat jealous at the attention she is getting from Shino.

Episode 4: Aya, Nervous in the Rain

Is Alice the little sister, or Karen? Alice's jealousy of Karen's relationship hits new highs, while Shino stays home sick from school.

Episode 5: Together with Onee-chan

The girls head to Shino's for a study party, and end up taking glamor shots with Isami instead. Yoko finds out what everyone sees her as.

Episode 6: Golden Alice, Golden Karen

The girls plan a trip to the mountains…or beach? Later, they head to a Summer Festival to see the fireworks.

Episode 7: Hungry Karen

Because of her popularity, Karen arrives to class with her hands full of snacks that she received as gifts. To her surprise, Alice asks her if she has gained weight.

Episode 8: What Day is it Today

While the girls and their classes are busy preparing for the school festival and play. Shinobu cannot recall why he should be celebrating an anniversary.

Episode 9: Who Isn't Sleeping?

Aya's parents are away, so she invites the girls to a slumber party. Later Karen convinces everyone to play tag at the school house.

Episode 10: The Wonderful Five

Alice is upset that Karasuma-sensei has taken a special interest in Shino. Later, the girls take in a round of baseball.

Episode 11: Try Guessing How Much I Like You

Alice has an awful dream, where Shino is no longer interested in her! Fearing that she may be looking for a new Brit girl, she ups her charm twofold!

Episode 12: Golden Moment

It's Day 1 of the girls' second year, and they've been split into two different classes! Later, Shino regales her friends with a lovely musical.


Episode 13 (2 min)


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