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K-ON! (Season 1)

Yui has no clue which club to join, but she’s determined to do something this year. As luck would have it, she discovers a flyer for the Light Music Club and the rest is history. With the energetic drummer Ritsu, extra shy bassist Mio, and piano prodigy Tsumugi, it’ll be easy to bring Yui's skills up to speed before the Light Music Club gets the axe, but it may take a few licks to get these four new friends in sync and ready to rock! In this club, Yui and her new friends play to their own beat!

Comedy Slice of Life

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Disband the Club!

Just starting high school, Yui is having trouble fitting in and decides to join the light music club. But she first must buy and learn guitar.

Episode 2: Instruments!

Yui wants a guitar that is too expensive. All the band girls get part-time jobs to save up for the guitar. Yui might actually get it through a twist of fate.

Episode 3: Cram Session!

It’s time to take midterm exams, but Yui is too busy practicing guitar that she ends up failing. She must pass the retest or the band must breakup.

Episode 4: Training Camp!

Mio is inspired by finding a tape of the previous club's performance, and gets the band together to practice over the summer for an upcoming school festival.

Episode 5: Advisor!

Three days left 'til the music festival, the girls are still not officially recognized as a club. Ritsu blackmails a previous club member to be their adviser.

Episode 6: School Festival!

The band plays the school festival. Mio trips and exposes her underwear to the audience. She ends up getting a fan club, but is scarred by the embarrassment.

Episode 7: Christmas!

Mio and the band hold a private concert just for the president of Mio’s fan club, as she is about to graduate and wants to see them as much as possible.

Episode 8: Freshman Reception!

The girls have to figure out their future as they’re filling out university forms. Yui attempts to put "musician" as her career choice, only to be rejected.

Episode 9: New Club Member!

Yui juggles two priorities: studying for finals and preparing for the upcoming talent show. Azusa decides to join her act and help her study for finals.

Episode 10: Training Camp Again!

When unable to convince Sawako to get her band back together for a wedding, Yui ends up taking the guitarist role in the band… much to Sawako's surprise.

Episode 11: Crisis!?

The girls realize that they don’t have an air conditioner due to never attending any student council meetings. They get one, only to realize Yui is allergic.

Episode 12: Light Music!

With summer vacation starting, Sawako talks the girls in the band to go to a summer rock-n-roll festival that takes place in the mountains.

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