TV-14 - OVA
Jewel BEM Hunter Lime

The Magic Spheres are incredibly dangerous and powerful magical artifacts, capable of absorbing negative emotions and transforming everyday objects into monstrous BEMS (bug eyed monsters). So when a demon manages to scatter six of them through the gate between the World of Magic and Earth, someone’s got to get them back, this leaves Lime and Poogie to get the job done! Will this motley band of would-be BEM hunters be up for the challenge? The hunt is on in Jewel BEM Hunter Lime!

Action Adventure Comedy

Mr. Candle: Get Back the Jewel Bems

Bass tries to regain control of the magic spheres that he caused to drop from the sky. The spheres are scattered amongst the human world and he must now find them all before they absorb the negative energy from the human world and cause chaos.

Mr. Purse: Find the Bad Things

Lime and Bass investigate monster sightings to try and capture them before they release their havoc on the humans. Lime enrolls at a school where a monster has been sighted. The monster turns out to be something completely unexpected.

Mr. C. Ringe: Needle of Vengeance

Bass shows his true colors when he meets one of Lime's school friends. He and Lime head over to the local hospital and sense a monster is hiding out there. They learn that catching this monster may pinch a little.

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