TV-14 - TV Series
Is the Order a Rabbit?? Season 2

It’s been a year since bright eyed Cocoa Hoto first walked through the doors of Rabbit House cafe, and things are getting exciting! The cafés are getting noticed by magazines, Chino is attempting to smile more, and the girls’ friendships are growing stronger than ever. When old memories resurface, and new friends enter the fray, will the girl’s bonds stay as strong? Return to Rabbit House café with Cocoa, Chino, Rize, Chiya, Syaro, and, of course, Tippy, as their adorable exploits continue!

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: 1st Bunny: This Is My Self-Proclaimed Big Sister Whose Smiles and Flashes are Boisterous

It’s been a year since Cocoa arrived at Rabbit House, and she wants to send her mom pictures of her friends. If only she could get Chino to pose for a picture!

Episode 2: 2nd Bunny: Grey Rabbit and Cinderella

Syaro’s being plagued by a ghost… or is she? Later, the girls visit Rize’s mansion and find themselves dressed up as maids!

Episode 3: 3rd bunny: Spinning Dance Legend Duck Squad

Chino, Megu, and Maya have to come up with sketches and a creative dance for a school fine arts project. Will Chino’s ballet lessons take her away from Rabbit House?

Episode 4: 4th Bunny: Cocoa-senpai’s Elegant Tea Party Tutorial

The high school girls treat Chino, Megu, and Maya to a classy afternoon tea party. In an effort to be more “grown up,” the younger girls observe and copy the older girls.

Episode 5: 5th Bunny: I Saw Through Your Ordinary Springiness at First Bite

Cocoa’s sister, Mocha, arrives at Rabbit House, and she’s ready to cuddle everyone in sight! Against Mocha, does Cocoa stand a chance at keeping her “big sister” status?

Episode 6: 6th Bunny: Wooden Framework Town, Mission Complete

Mocha continues to effortlessly win all of Cocoa’s friends over and claim them as her new “little sisters.” How will Mocha react when Cocoa starts to treat her coldly?

Episode 7: 7th bunny: That Spoiled Girl, Like a Soap Bubble, Will Fleetingly Disappear

An accidental spill on her uniform sends Cocoa on a soapy, bubbly adventure. Later, the girls debate dinner, and Chino attempts to speak less stiffly with her friends.

Episode 8: 8th bunny: Sneaking Stalking Stalker Story

The new school year begins with high hopes and cute supplies, but Syaro and Cocoa get into a fight, Maya worries about the future, and the girls end up stalking each other!

Episode 9: 9th Bunny: The Furball Suicide Attacks, and the Merciless Button is Launched

An ancient rivalry between Rabbit House and Ama Usa An?! Rize and Cocoa “interrogate” Syaro for answers and discover the origin of Chiya’s obsession with strange menu items.

Episode 10: 10th Bunny: Everyday Life Searching for E

The ever popular Rize recruits Syaro to help her with her packed club schedule. Later, Cocoa desperately tries to find someone to play outside with her.

Episode 11: 11th Bunny: Stardust Mayim-Mayim

A perfect vacation to a mountain cabin changes into quest for survival?! The girls go fishing, hunt for mushrooms, stargaze, and pull zombie pranks on each other!

Episode 12: 12th Bunny: The Treasure is Your Decisive Moment

Chino unveils her talents as a budding photographer. Later, Cocoa finds a map hidden at Rabbit House, the ensuing treasure hunt takes the girls on an adventure around town.