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Intrigue in the Bakumatsu ~ Irohanihoheto

It’s the Bakumatsu, the final years of the Tokugawa Shogunate, and wandering mercenary Yojiro Akizuki travels the length and breadth of Japan. In the course of his quest, he crosses paths with a traveling theater group whose members have their own dark agenda. Is it a chance meeting or the result of some, as yet, undiscovered conspiracy?

Action Drama Mystery Supernatural

Episodes (26)

Episode 1: A Foul Star in the Sky

An ominous star lurking in the sky while two horsemen deliver an urgent message to the emperor. Later, Youjiro saves two kabuki students from sudden death.

Episode 2: The Earth-Splitting Sword Laughs

The assassin-bodyguard Hario follows Youjiro. Later, Youjiro agrees to travel with the kabuki troupe to offer his protection.

Episode 3: Ballad of Stone Crane Mansion

Parkes arranges a bodyguard for Katsu. Meanwhile, Youjiro and the theatre troupe have finally caught up with their target. But even out-numbered and surrounded he puts up a good fight.

Episode 4: Anecdote of an Underhanded Scandal

Yuyama becomes an increasing threat to Nakaiya Juubei; Saigo Magozou is sent to assassinate him. Youjiro's history is revealed.

Episode 5: Shureiki Unleashed

Nakaiya Juubei recruits three dangerous men who quickly become possessed by demons. This causes them to lose their minds, and Youjiro must save them.

Episode 6: The Closing Performance Burns

We learn ofthe bloody history of Yokohama and of the even bloodier history of Youjiro's sword. Meanwhile, the troupe is creating a clever plan.

Episode 7: Sotetsu Moves

Soutetsu leaves the troupe and seeks out a strange object capable of summoning a demon before he meets with Nakaiya Juubei. Meanwhile, the rest of the Troupe think back to when they first met.

Episode 8: Satisfactions for Revenge Achieved

Nakaiya Juubei finally shows himself and tries to manipulate Katsu with the Conqueror's Head. Meanwhile, Youjiro must fight Kanna to try and reach the Head before it is too late.

Episode 9: The Black Cat Cries

Youjiro meets an old friend from his childhood,  and he thinks back on his life--in particular the time he spent with Sakamoto. Meanwhile, a huge army is headed towards Yokohama.

Episode 10: Ueno Falls

Juubei's death threatens to split the troupe apart.

Episode 11: The Troupe at a Provisional Stage Again

The troupe travels to Edo based on the information in Soutetsu's script.

Episode 12: Ryoma’s Message

The troupe is attacked by a group of strange ghosts, and it is up to Youjiro to save them.

Episode 13: The Head of the Conqueror with a Soul

Soutetsu lets Juubei escape with the Conqueror's Head. Youjiro and Kakunojou chase after him, but their attempt is thwarted by the English forces. Later, a very dark and dangerous enemy is born.

Episode 14: To the North

Kanna has been promoted to the head of the elite English forces, and is planning an assault on Enomoto.

Episode 15: The Secret Sword Resonates

Akizuki and Kakunojou are traveling together across Japan to find Kakunojou's new sword when they receive an interesting message.

Episode 16: Accompaniment of the Four

Now that Kakunojou has foun dher sword, she travels north with Akizuki to reach Enomoto and the Head of the Conqueror.

Episode 17: Unnecessary Deliberation

Kakunojou and Akizuki have a difference of opinion on how to proceed against Enomoto.

Episode 18: Pathetic Destiny

The English knights launch a second attack, but it ends in disaster.

Episode 19: Bright Inverted Pentagram

Kakunojou is in a state of shock regarding her actions onboard the ship, but her spirits are lifted when she is reunited with the troupe.

Episode 20: There Were Waves

Akizuki is nursed back to health by a young woman and her son.

Episode 21: Crossing Over the Strait

Akizuki sets off for Ezo where Kakunojou is still waiting at the hospital.

Episode 22: An Encounter in the North

Akizuki finally manages to catch up with Enomoto but, once again, Kakunojou gets in the way.

Episode 23: Hakodate is Red

Under the command of Kanna, the English knights launch a daring raid against Enomoto.

Episode 24: Irohanihoheto

Hijikata finally starts to realize that Soutetsu is up to something.

Episode 25: Goryokaku Emerges

With Akizuki closing in on Enomoto, he uses the fearsome power of the Head of the Conqueror to defend his castle.

Episode 26: To Go Towards the Sea

Akizuki strives to defeat Enomoto but he must first take on both Kakunojou and Soutetsu to do it.


Episode 27 (2 min)


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