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Infinite Stratos

Infinite Stratos (or IS for short) has quickly become at once the greatest tool and deadliest enemy during world conflicts.  Unique for the IS, however, is its limitations: only women are able to pilot them.  Enter Ichika Orimura, brother of one of the greatest IS pilots in history, and after coming in contact with an IS at 15, oddly capable of piloting one himself.  This strange occurrence opens up new worlds for him, and he is immediately enrolled in a school that specializes in IS pilot training.  A school...of just girls. Is this a dream come true, or a nightmare come to life?  The greatest ride of your life awaits you, as comic mischief and daring dogfights combine in INFINITE STRATOS!

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Episodes (13)

Episode 1: All My Classmates Are Female

On his first day of school, Ichika already has a group of admirers, has to room with his childhood friend (who is NOT excited about it), a big sister for a teacher, and a rival now gunning for him...could day two be any worse?

Episode 2: Class Representative Selection Match!

A one on one battle with Cecilia Alcott looms over Ichika, and he doesn't even know basic IS knowledge!  Houki will have to bring him back into fighting shape, and Ichika becomes the proud owner of a custom IS, much to everyone's surprise.

Episode 3: The Transfer Student is the Second Childhood Friend

What's better than having to share a room with your childhood friend?  How about ANOTHER childhood friend showing up to stir the pot (not that Ichika needs more of that in his life)?  A double dose of trouble is just the beginning, as Ichika also struggles to learn the ins and outs of piloting his IS.

Episode 4: Showdown! The Class League Match!

Ichika vs. Rin!  Right when the match starts to heat up, a mysterious IS decides to crash the party.  Who is piloting, how did they break through security, and how will Rin and Ichika defeat it?

Episode 5: Boy Meets Boy

Looks like Ichika's got new competition for big man on campus.  A new male student arrives at the academy, a representative from France who is dashing, polite, chivalrous and....well, another boy!  How will this affect Ichika's hare...err, friendships? 

Episode 6: My Roommate is a Young, Blonde Nobleman

A new contender enters the ring, as the representative from Germany, Laura Bodewig, makes waves as the new transfer student, immediately calling out Ichika and giving him good smack to the face.  What connection does she have with Chifuyu?  Why does she disapprove of Ichika?  Meanwhile, the new-old transfer student, Charles Dunoa, is making mischief of his own...

Episode 7: Blue Days ~ Red Switch

the third Generation IS makes it's debut as Laura gets set to battle both Lin and Cecilia at once!  Is this 2 on 1 battle too much to handle?  With a new IS on the field, anything can happen.  The new girl may have some tricks up here sleeve...

Episode 8: Find Out My Mind

The tournament has begun, and a battle royale between team Ichika/Dunoa and Team Houki/Laura is the main event!  How will Ichika fare against his unlikely opponents?  More importantly, can Houki and Laura work as a team, or will this 2-on-2 match suddenly become a 3-on-1 brawl?

Episode 9: Ocean's Eleven

After the events that unfolded in the tag team match, Ichika & Co. deserve a much needed beach trip.  Schemes, traps, and frilly swimsuits abound as each of the girls try to find a way to get some one on one time with Ichika.  Will it be China, Japan, Germany or France? 

Episode 10: Thin Red Line

Houki's eccentric older sister, and the creater of the Infinite Stratos battle suit, finally makes an appearance, and brings with her a new toy for little sis to play with...her own personal IS!  Meanwhile, something unexpected is also happening.  What could it be?

Episode 11: Get Ready

After the last battle with the Gospel, Houki becomes disillusioned with IS.  Ichika remains in critical condition, so it is up to Cecilia, Charlotta, Laura, Rin and Houki to stop the Gospel on their own. 

Episode 12: Your Name Is

The final battle is at hand!  The Gospel IS seems like an unstoppable force, and it will take all the teamwork, trust, and power that the girls can muster to take it down. 

Episode 13: OVA: The Sextet Yearns to Be in Love

Thinking that she has the upper hand over the other girls, Dunois decides to visit Ichika's home when she knows he'll be there.  Things fall apart, however, after one country representative after another suddenly show up at Ichika's doorstep!


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