TV-14 - OVA

Some strange virus, whether planned or accidental, has wiped out most of the population. The survivors? Beautiful women. Faced with the possible extinction of their entire race, some of these new Amazons have decided to live out their final days in the pursuit only of fleshly pleasures. Others choose to use their beauty, their might, and their minds to fight back and reclaim the planet once more.

Romance Sci-Fi


The last man on Earth has died, and a desperate struggle to obtain the last known specimens of male DNA has begun.  Friendships will end, nations crumble, and a dying Earth will either take small steps toward recovery or giant strides toward destruction.


The sounds of war are overtaking the populace, and the zealous leaders of humanity are preparing for anything and everything that may come.  Within this chaos, new discoveries are made that will rock the already crumbling foundation of society and reveal truths that no one expected.


An otherworldly crisis has arisen, and it is up to the remaining warriors to fight it off. The death of one will possibly save millions, but only a select few can realize this outcome.  The secret of the ICE will finally be revealed, but will it be enough to save this doomed world from the brink of nothingness?

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