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Humanity Has Declined

After years of declining birth rates, the remnants of humanity are forced to give up their territories to the faeries - small, ten-inch tall super intelligent creatures who have taken advantage of the apparent ecological niche. As a mediator between the two species, Watashi gets a first hand look at the rift between human and faerie, one that won't be overcome too easily. With a job to do and no idea how to do it, Watashi's crash course in willpower will begin in Humanity Has Declined.

Comedy Sci-Fi

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: The Fairies' Secret Factory Part 1

After a conversation with the faeries about the current plight of humanity, strange things begin to appear around the small village.

Episode 2: The Fairies' Secret Factory Part 2

The group struggles to stay together but is continuously pulled apart by an unknown force.  Reaching the conference room will prove to be difficult.

Episode 3: The Faeries’ Subculture Part 1

Y was assigned to work on the Human Monument project, but instead kicks off the BL Manga revolution.

Episode 4: The Faeries’ Subculture Part 2

Y and her assistant are stuck in a strange manga world. They soon discover that if they act dramatically enough, they can materialize a printed sound effect in addition to draw things into existence. In order to escape, they must reach the end of the manga world while maintaining reader interest. If they can’t, they may never make it back to the real world.

Episode 5: The Faeries’ Homecoming Part 1

Y learns that faeries are leaving to avoid electromagnetic waves generated by the villagers’ electric-powered festival. Later, Y and her assistant find themselves once again trapped. This time, they are trapped underground. Luckily, they are rescued by a fairy searching for her companion…and not a moment too soon.

Episode 6: The Faeries’ Homecoming Part 2

The stories of Pion and of the Mediator’s hair come to an end.

Episode 7: The Faeries’ Time Management

The Fairies want more sweets and will do anything to get them!

Episode 8: The Fairies' Time Management

The Fairies will stop at nothing to get more sweets. Their insistence affects more than just the Mediator.

Episode 9: The Fairies' Survival Skills

There is an over population of Fairies, and the Mediator must find them a new home. When they end up stranded on an island, there is only room for one ruler!

Episode 10: The Faeries' Earth

The Mediator starts a new job and is already a god by the end of the first day!

Episode 11: The Faeries' Secret Tea Party Part 1

The Mediator recounts her first years at school and all the unique people she met.

Episode 12: The Faeries' Secret Tea Party Part 2

Mediator has settled in her role of the Wild Rose Society and is continuing her rapid ascent to becoming a 6th year. But a night spent with Y will rock her very core.


Episode 13 (2 min)


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