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Hiiro no Kakera (Season 2) ~ The Tamayori Princess Saga

The thrilling adventure continues in Season 2 of Hiiro no Kakera: The Tamayori Princess Saga! Tamake has been left completely drained after the Onikirimaru incident, and is looking forward to the peace and tranquility that lies ahead. A strange presence makes itself known, however, and the guardians will seek to uncover the truth behind these odd feelings and what it all means.

Adventure Romance Supernatural

Episodes (13)

Episode 1: The Tamayori's Fate

Tamaki remembers the adventures she once had with her friends, but there is still so much more to come.

Episode 2: Ominous Dark Clouds

A traitor is in the midst of the princess protection group.

Episode 3: The Traitor's Vow

Dealing with Suguru’s allegiance with Logos was enough of a problem, but learning that Shinji is also a traitor may be too much to handle.

Episode 4: The Destruction of the Five Houses

The gods are become more impatient, and Tamaki may be too weak to control the events heading their way.

Episode 5: The Truth Behind the Tears

With one guardian exiled and another that can’t be trusted, Tamakai’s trusted circle is crumbling while Logos becomes more powerful.

Episode 6: The Deceitful Heart

Takuma has returned for Tamaki but a powerful border protects her. The other guardians are surprised by her confinement and Baba's treatment of the group.

Episode 7: Memory of a Dream

Between Logos and the Guardians many secrets are being revealed and the history of the Onikirimaru and Princess is revealed.

Episode 8: Their Resolution

Takuma and Tamaki are making a break for it, but Baba seems to have planned for everything. As they run in circles, they are chased by gods, guardians, and the past.

Episode 9: The Eternal Promise

Still on the run, Tamaki runs into Ryo and Kiyono.

Episode 10: The Power of the Gods

The Guardians are on the offensive against Drei and Zwei, while Takuma has to battle the demon inside and Ein.

Episode 11: Scarlet Fragments

Takuma and Tamaki both intend to sacrifice themselves for the other, and Aria confronts Drei about his true identity.

Episode 12: The Guardians' Awakening

The birth of the true Tamayori Princess is upon us!

Episode 13: The Eternal Pledge

The Guardians and Tamaki finally face off against Drei, and before it’s all over, one person will make the ultimate sacrifice.


Episode 14 (2 min)


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