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Hidamari Sketch x365 (Season 2)

Where art imitates life and life imitates art every single day of the year!   You didn't think Yuno's story was over, did you?  Of course it isn't, but if you've seen the first series of Hidamari Sketch, you should know not to expect the "A happens after B after C" pattern of the rest of the world.  In fact, instead of just taking place after Yuno's first year at Yamabuki High, X365 continues the saga on both sides, around and in-between, filling in the details in an ever-expanding collage that's both avant-garde and slice of life!  And if the format's not completely unexpected, we guarantee that some of the things that you never knew about before WILL be!  Yuno, Miyako, Hiro, Sae and all the rest of the denizens of the most fascinating piece of surreal estate in Japan are back as the medium becomes the message in Hidamari Sketch x365!

Comedy Slice of Life

Episodes (16)

Episode 1: Pleased To Meet You, Mrs. Ume!

Accompanied by her mother, Yuno comes to Yamabuki Art High School to take the entrance exam. After getting accepted into the school, she settles in the Hidamari apartment and makes friends with the new neighbors.

Episode 2: February 2, Cherry Blossoms

Sae's little sister, Chika, has just passed a high school entrance exam. Meanwhile, the Hidamari residents realize that they also had a similar experience exactly one year ago.

Episode 3: May 27, The Guardian Monster

Yuno and Miyako visit a Shinto shrine near Iwakaba, traveling by train. After that, they spend time drawing pictures of the landscape around the shrine.

Episode 4: March 16 to 23, Mellow Tuna Flavor / October 31, Gagagaga

Miyako takes in a stray cat. Its disappearance makes Yuno upset. Yuno prepares for the cultural festival.

Episode 5: March 25, Congrats Chika

Chika visits with friends. After finding the karaoke box is broken, they go instead to a communal bath house, where they meet Yoshinoya and sing songs together.

Episode 6: July 30, Saeta / November 11, Hiroemon

Sae tries to finish her novel, so she asks her friends about their experiences of falling in love for inspiration. Sae and Hiro participate in cooking class where Hiro shines. Hiro discovers Natsume buying a monthly magazine that features Sae's novel.

Episode 7: April 7, Entrance Ceremony and Welcome Party

Yuno and Miyako attend the school entrance ceremony, in which Miyako falls asleep due to the principal's tedious speech. After the ceremony, Hiro and Sae make a surprise welcome party for the new Hidamari neighbors.

Episode 8: October 13, The King of the Mountain

Students of Yamabuki Art High School, including Yuno and her friends, participate in a sports day event. Yuno's class under Yoshinoya represents the red team, while Natsume's class represents the white team.

Episode 9: October 5, Restless Summer / December 3, The Urashinjuku Wolf Part 2

Yuno and Miyako's teacher, Yoshinoya, has to finish the remaining school work during the summer break under the Principal's watch. However, she keeps slacking off from her work.

Episode 10: June 8, Round Carrots

Yuno's parents make a surprise visit to Hidamari apartment.

Episode 11: September 28, The Mysterious Pants

Yuno makes onigiri bentos for Miyako and herself. At lunch, Yuno goes up to the rooftop of Yamabuki high school. After a brief assault of hungry pigeons, Yuno falls asleep. After  PE, Yuno and her friends find out that Hiro has been missing.

Episode 12: January 10, Welcome Back…Mrs. Ume

Yuno & Miyako try to resolve the tension between Sae & Hiro after a fight. Meanwhile, the landlady receives bamboo trees that the Hidamari residents use to celebrate Tanabata.

Episode 13: July 7, No Peeking

The girls catch up after winter break & visit a temple for New Year's celebrations. They stop to invite Yoshinjoyo along the way.

Episode 14: February 24, Polaroidon

Sae buys a Polaroid camera, and the girls take pictures while dressing up and posing. We see the aftermath of Hiro's vengeance on Yuno, Sae & Miyako after Chika's visit.

Episode 15: February 10, Everywhere By Bicycle (Bonus 1)

Yuno can't remember how to ride a bike, so the girls help her practice. A third-year student interviews them for the broadcasting club. The girls help the landlady prepare for two new residents.

Episode 16: June 6, Red String (Bonus 2)

When Yuno accidentally rips Miyako's uniform, Yuno tries to repair it. Yoshinoya invites them to her office, which she has converted into a tailor's workshop. Later, Yuno discovers she has lost her new sketchbook, and everyone helps her look for it.


Episode 17 (2 min)

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