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Heaven's Memo Pad

Narumi Fujishima is an average high school student who prefers to keep to himself. Ayaka Shinozaki is the only member of the school's gardening club who works part-time at the Hanamaru Ramen Shop. After Ayaka persuades Narumi to join the club, he meets the mysterious Alice, a child-like genius detective who lives above the ramen shop. In time, Narumi begins helping Alice investigate a strange illegal drug, not understanding the dangerous ground he walks upon.

Comedy Drama Mature Mystery

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: The Two or Three Things I know About Her

Narumi’s new to Tokyo and it doesn’t take him long to get lost in the big city. He somehow manages to stumble into the red district, where he sees a girl jump out of a second-floor window. A group of teenagers help her and her friend, but no one is open to answering any of Narumi’s questions.

Episode 2: You and the Travel Bag

After a strange phone call, Meo’s father has gone missing. Her only clue is a heavy bag he’s entrusted her with. Desperate to find her father, Meo goes to Alice for help. When Narumi and the NEETs hear that her father used to be a money-launder for the yakuza, everyone is convinced her father took off.  But things aren’t quite matching up.

Episode 3: What I Can Do For Those Two

Since Meo used the phone at Hanamaru’s to call her dad’s cell, the yakuza know where she is. Some of Mikawa’s men go roughen Min and her ramen joint up a bit in an attempt to convince her to hand the Thai girl over, but Min’s one tough cookie. Meo overhears the struggle and decides to run away and handle things on her own.

Episode 4: A Full Account on Hanamaru’s Soup

A customer in dark sunglasses has been acting strangely around Hanamaru. He orders something new each time he comes, but only takes a small bite before leaving. Whenever he shows up, someone breaks in and steals one of Min’s chest wraps. It’s up to the NEETs and Narumi to catch the criminal and make him pay!

Episode 5: He Knows Who I Am

While out on a case, Narumi runs into a mysterious person, a man from the past whose appearance raises many questions.

Episode 6: It Looks Like I'm About to Lose

The mystery man proves himself to be Renji, a once close friend of The Fourth that, due to certain events, was forced to flee from his home.  Now he's back, and planning to take over the Hirasaka gang for himself.

Episode 7: All I Can Do

A shocking past comes to light, one that Renji and Sou (The Fourth) both share, but only one would like to forget.  Narumi, seemingly stuck between the two would be brothers, scrambles to find a way to get them to reconcile before they do something they'll regret.

Episode 8: I Don't Believe in Fate

Renji has succeeded in fooling everyone, and in doing so has landed Sou at the hospital in critical condition. With Renji now on the run and the Hirasaka gang going after blood, Narumi decides that the fighting must end.

Episode 9: That Summer's 21st Ball

While Narumi and the other NEETs are enjoying an addictive baseball sim at a local arcade, a familiar yakuza member shows up and decides to raise the "rent" on the building, or turn the place into a pachinko parlor.  A real life basebal game will determine the fate of the arcade, with Alice managing the NEET team from afar...

Episode 10: About You

The NEETs seek to track down the new drug, Angel Fix, and its supplier. Meanwhile, Narumi tries to protect Ayaka from learning the truth about her brother.

Episode 11: Fragments of Me

Ayaka jumps off the school roof, and Narumi tries to cope with the fact that she may not recover. He asks Alice to uncover the truth that led to Ayaka's death.

Episode 12: About You, Me & Her

The NEET detectives close in on the maker of Angel Fix and go to extremes to get it off the streets. Ayaka remains in a coma.


Episode 13 (2 min)


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