TV-14 - TV Series
Hayate the Combat Butler! (Season 2)

After three months of working as a butler for Nagi Sanzenin, the heiress to a vast fortune, Hayate thinks he’s finally managed to settle into his new life. When Hayate’s not busy cleaning the massive Sanzenin Manor, he’s attending school with Nagi and the rest of their friends at the prestigious Hakuo Academy. But when Hayate’s abilities as a butler comes under fire, he’ll have to help Nagi take first place in the school track meet or else he’ll be out of a job and back in debt!

Episodes (25)

Episode 1: The Forbidden Freestyle Marathon!

Episode 2: Money's Tiger

Episode 3: There's No Legend After All

Episode 4: You're Like Me

Episode 5: Heart to Heart

Episode 6: Your Place

Episode 7: Half-Baked Jealousy!! Ja-pan

Episode 8: Shiranui is Here

Episode 9: What Girls Want...

Episode 10: Where's the Present?

Episode 11: Around the Time of the Hina Festival

Episode 12: The Cruel Idiot's Thesis


Episode 14: The Saginomiya Clan

Episode 15: The Steamy Tension of the Shimoda Hot Springs Trip

Episode 16: Stardust Memory

Episode 17: Under the Cherry Blossom Tree

Episode 18: Those Who Don’t Give Up on White Day

Episode 19: Aim for the King

Episode 20: I Couldn’t Do the Maid Turn

Episode 21: In the End, Our Cat’s the Cutest

Episode 22: Keep on Dreaming

Episode 23: Our Destination

Episode 24: Distance

Episode 25: It’s Really a Story About a Young Lady & Her Butler