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Classes for magic users and non-magic users are kept completely separate at the Mizuhosaka Academy until an explosion on Valentine's Day in the magic section forces the school to become co-ed. With the new blended classes, magic students Haruhi and her best friend Anri quickly learn that the "normal" students, Yuma and his best friends Hachisuke and Jun, are far from normal. Enroll this year to watch as a boy and a girl discover the real secret to HAPPINESS!

Comedy Drama Romance

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Valentine

Haruhi Kamisaka and her friend from witchcraft class Anri Hiragi were on their way to buy chocolate for Valentine's Day. As they passed a park they helped a girl out who was being picked on by a group of boys.

Episode 2: Cherry Blossom Viewing

The magical students and the non-magical students classes have been combined after the explosion in witchcraft class. To help out, Haruhi and Anri try to help by lining the chairs up for the assembly. Anri's magic goes glitchy and a riot ensues.

Episode 3: Oasis

With the lack of customers at the school cafeteria, Yuma's mother-in-law, Otoha who works at the cafeteria, needs to figure out a way to increase the customer base.

Episode 4: Tama chan disappeared

Sumono wants to join the Fortune Telling Club because all the members seem to have fun. A disagreement ensues between Anri and Tama-Chan when hurtful things are said.

Episode 5: The Midnight Beauty

While Hachi was reading an erotic book he spots an attractive ghost and wants to talk to her. When he tries to get near her he passes out and when he comes to, he is determined to find out the cause of this woman's death.

Episode 6: A Mysterious Transfer Student

A new transfer student named Ibuki arrives at school and is introduced to all of the students. She becomes offended when the students ask her a touchy question and leaves the room.

Episode 7: Ibuki Friendship Plan

While everyone was having their bento box's at the arcade, they decide to listen to Koyuki and head off to the bowling alley.

Episode 8: Summer Prediction

Summer vacation starts and the members of the group each have activities planned. Some activities are for learning, and other activities are for creating stronger friendships.

Episode 9: School Festival

Haruhi and Yuma have become close since their training over summer vacation. Minagi Sensei asks Haruhi to do a favor.

Episode 10: The Past

Ibuki treasures the closeness that has been reached with Haruhi. When the reason is revealed, Yuma tries to prevent things from escalating but her magic goes faulty and leaves Sumomo unconscious.

Episode 11: Shikimori Treasure

Shikimori's treasure and Yuma's past are not a secret anymore. Haruhi and Anri are asked to prevent the treasure from being taken by Ibuki.

Episode 12: The Magic of Happiness

The treasure has been taken by Ibuki and as he regains his memory he is attacked by demons.


Episode 14 (2 min)


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