TV-14 - TV Series
Hamatora the Animation

Nowhere may seem like just another Yokohama cafe, but as with many of its employees, this apparently innocent eatery leads a double life. Because Nowhere is also where you can find Hamatora, the mysterious detective agency run by P.I.s who are Minimum Holders, individuals gifted with extraordinary powers and abilities. When a series of serial murders all turn out to involve other Minimum Holders, their kind may be targeted for extinction in HAMATORA – THE ANIMATION!

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Egg of Columbus

Nice and Murasaki receive two job requests from Koneko. They end up splitting up to handle them solo but they might end up needing to work together after all.

Episode 2: Beloved Bastard

Two high school students request help finding their missing teacher. Nice and Murasaki infiltrate the school and learn more than they wanted.

Episode 3: Haves and Have-Nots

Hamatora is contracted to into any scandals the Facultas Academy might be involved with. Meanwhile, Art questions Professor Moral about the Nemcrois in his possession.

Episode 4: The Wandering Totem Pole

Hamatora assists in a commercial stunt to cover up Takahiro's rampage but they’re soon needed to help find the kidnapped Honey.

Episode 5: Sweat, Muscles and Me

The girls take a trip to a hotspring while Nice and Murasaki look into an infidelity case. No case is ever just what it seems though.

Episode 6: The Prophet’s Anguish

Ratio and Birthday work on a kidnapping case of a girl from their childhood. During the investigation a team member is kidnapped too!

Episode 7: Black Cosmos

Nice joins Art in the hunt for Moral but his efforts could be in vain.

Episode 8: The Bloodstained Bitter Melon

Nice and Murasaki are hired to find the manufacturer of a drug that induces eternal sleep. Elsewhere, Moral and his assistant continue with their plans.

Episode 9: Little Beauty and the Beast

After being taken off of Moral’s case, Three goes to the orphanage he frequents to look after the children. Unknown to him it’s being targeted by a minimum holder.

Episode 10: The March of the Weak

Moral begins to unleash his plan by sending his followers out on a murder spree leading to even more chaos.

Episode 11: Flight of the Victor

Nice and Moral meet at the Nowhere Café as the disturbance in the streets increases. Moral explains his outlook to Nice and reveals what happened to Art.

Episode 12: Resolve (Ego)

Birthday, Ratio, Honey and Three work together to take down Moral's followers while Nice confronts Moral.