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Hakuoki (Season 3) Dawn of the Shinsengumi

1863 - As political discord erupt into violence, the Tokugawa Shogunate sends a force of masterless samurai called the Roshigumi to Kyoto. However, assassination has split them into two opposing factions: the stronger is led by the brutal Serizawa Kamo and the lesser by the more honorable but less assertive Isami Kondo. It is to this pack of wolves that Ryunosuke Ibuki is forced to be a virtual slave by blood debt, hating the samurai and everything they stand for. Yet, as he sees how the other half live, he begins to believe that there may still be a chance, for both himself and Japan. Historical truth provides the bloody groundwork for cloak, sword & dagger on an epic scale in Hakuoki Reimeiroku, the spectacular prequel to Hakuoki ~ Demon of the Fleeting Blossom!

Action Adventure Comedy Drama

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Dawn of the Divine Warriors

After an intense battle, Ryunosuke is left to die in the woods. Serizawa happens to find him and asks a simple question: Do you want to live?

Episode 2: Led by Destiny

The rift between Kondou and Serizawa's viewpoints beings to grow out of hand.  Saito re-joins his former Shiekan members.

Episode 3: Rules for a Pack of Wolves

Lord Aizu has placed the group under his charge after acknowledging them.  A night of revelry brings forth a set of rules that some disagree with.

Episode 4: The Blade Drenched in Blood

Souji has gone too far and done the unthinkable.  A price must be paid for these transgressions, and Souji knows what's coming...

Episode 5: Stairway to the Blue Skies

Ryunosuke gets caught saying things that shouldn't be said.  Meanwhile, Hijikata aims to impress the general by setting up an exhibition match.

Episode 6: Howling from the Darkness

The Roshigumi are responsible for testing a new drug.  The future of the group looks uncertain, causing a split of opinions between the members.

Episode 7: Oath Made on the Wind Blowing Over the Grass

Serizawa does not mind being the villain if it means getting what he wants: splitting the loyalties of the Roshigumi.

Episode 8: The Shackles of Pandemonium

The growing ruthlessness of the Roshigumi lead by Serizawa has placed them on the same level as rouge ronin. This could lead to a revolt by the townspeople.

Episode 9: The Light of a Flashing Sword

Ryunosuke is coming to a crossroad with his relationship with Serizawa and the Roshigumi. The actions he takes now will determine his fate in the future.

Episode 10: The Brightly Burning Beacon

The reason behind Serizawa anger is revealed by a stranger, and the Roshigumi earn a new name.

Episode 11: A Moonlit Night Filled with Flowers

Nimi-san has turned against the Shinsengumi and fled with the medicine. The sponsor for the newly created Shinsegumi wants Serizawa taken care of before he causes any more problems.

Episode 12: The Great Dawn

With the death of Niimi, some final business must be taken care of before the Roshigumi can truly be called the Shinsengumi.


Episode 13 (2 min)


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