TV-14 - OVA
Hakuoki (OVAs) A Memory of Snow Flowers

When rumors reach the Shinsengumi that a group of rogue warriors intend to attack, they must investigate the situation or risk perishing. The only safe meeting place is the Sumi Inn. It’s up to Chizuru to disguise herself as a geisha and infiltrate the inn. But life as a geisha can be filled with many hazards, especially for one as beautiful as Chizuru. Does Chizuru have what it takes to be a convincing geisha? Can the Shinsengumi protect her and keep her from harm’s way? Discover the answers in Hakuoki: A Memory of Snow Flowers!

Action Adventure Comedy Drama

The Snowy White Dream (Okita)

Okita presses Chizuru into serving as an undercover agent disguised as a geisha again. Kondo is worried about Okita's worsening tuberculosis and grounds him again.

The Winter's Banked Fire (Saito)

Saito and Yamazaki offer themselves as bodyguards for Chizuru when she goes undercover as a geisha. Saito is stunned by her transformed beauty.

The Spear the Slices the Sky (Harada)

Harada and Chizuru comes across Bafuku inspectors roughing up civilians during spot checks. Harada attacks the officers trying to arrest a man on trumped-up charges.

A Drifting Boat (Heisuke)

Heisuke barges into Chizuru's room where she is undercover, and is overcome by her beauty. He demands that Kondo and Hijikata take her off this dangerous mission.

The Winds of Fate (Hijikata)

Hijikata arrives at the geisha house as it erupts in chaos. When he tries to get Chizuru away, a man demands money for her.

Dance of the Snowflakes (Kazama)

During Chizuru's undercover operation, Kazama shows up unexpectedly and asks for her services. Not wanting to be discovered, Chizuru tries desperately to play along but is discovered.


Episode 7 (2 min)


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