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Naru is an extremely average high school girl. Though she has a love for fairy tale heroines, she’s never done anything extraordinary with her life. One day, she sees the transfer student, Hana dancing in the moonlight. Naru becomes inspired by her new acquaintance and decides to learn Yosakoi dancing.

Shall We Dance?

Naru loves fairy tales, so when she comes across a girl dancing in the moonlight, she can’t help but watch. Little does she know how much this one act will change her life.

Jealousy Rose

Even though Hana’s convinced Naru to join her yosakoi club, they still have to find more members. As Naru spends more time practicing, her best friend, Yaya, gets jealous.

Girls’ Style

Hana and Naru learn about an upcoming yosakoi festival, but obstacles lie ahead: they don’t have enough members to be recognized as a club, and friendships are being tested.

Princess / Princess

Even though Tami is a talented ballet dancer and completely entranced by the girls’ yosakoi dancing, she turns them down in fear of what her father would say.

First Step

The girls convince Yaya to “join” the group for the club to be recognized by the school. Finally, as their first club activity, they attend a yosakoi festival!

Try, Try, Try!

The girls prepare to perform in their first public event, but things take a rocky turn when the conditions for their performance include achieving high scores on their exams!

Girl Identity

A heartbroken Yaya lashes out at the other girls and tries to isolate herself from them. Can Naru and Hana reach her in time to repair their friendship?

Mission Event

The day of the performance finally arrives, and things couldn’t go more wrong. Their advisor misplaces their music CD, choreography is off, and Naru begins to panic.

Sister Complex

Machi harbors silent harsh feelings towards her older sister, Sally. When the group’s status is threatened by Sally’s impending retirement from teaching, Machi lashes out.

Hot Spring Camp

With another new official member, the group travels to a hot spring inn owned by Tami’s family. As the girls update their choreography, a shocking revelation comes to light.

Smile is Flower

A secret is keeping Hana from putting her heart into practice, and Naru later discovers that Hana’s been asked to return to America a few days before the performance.


The day of the festival arrives, and the girls prepare to perform. However, when Naru hears that Hana has a chance of performing, the girls hope against hope for her arrival.