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Guardian Ninja Mamoru

Behind the frail, hapless and nerdy Kagemori’s thick glasses and unkempt hair lies a master in the ways of the ninja, he secretly watches over and is in service to his “neighbors”, the Konnyaku family, who have been under his family’s protection for the past 400 years! Yuna, the young daughter of the Konnyaku family is Mamoru’s responsibility and has been since they were both in kindergarten. Luckily for Yuuna, whenever she finds herself in trouble, her secret savior is never too far away!

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: 400 Continuous Years of Protection

Mamoru and Yuna begin their first day as second years, and Airi invites them to bowling after school. But trouble awaits Yuna there, as she witnesses something unusual.

Episode 2: There is Nothing in This World I Cannot Cut

A strange girl dressed like a swordswoman is trying to kill Yuna. Mamoru will have to fight her to protect Yuna, and he’s got his work cut out for him.

Episode 3: The Girl from Ninja Village

Back in his mother’s village, Mamoru used to play with a young girl named Yamame. When she appears, she doesn’t do so quietly.

Episode 4: It’s All About Becoming an Idol

The girls apply to audition for the chance to become an idol and Mamoru is floored by the outcome.

Episode 5: A Girl’s Heart and Samurai Soul

There’s a new ninja in town, and word is that he’s a lingerie thief! Mamoru and Tsubaki aim to discover his identity and take him down. That includes…a date?

Episode 6: The Stunning Transfer Student

A new transfer student is joining Mamoru and Yuna's class! She not only wants to get to know Mamoru more, but she also has some wicked secrets.

Episode 7: Young Ninja Mamoru

Mamoru recalls a situation when he and Yuna were younger when he had been fed up with being Yuna's protector.

Episode 8: The Great Sawagashi Home Security Strategy!

Airi's parents are abroad, and she's in charge of the house. After a robbery, she's determined to implement a security system that will repel even the most professional thief.

Episode 9: Koganei UFO Warning!

When Airi supposedly spots a UFO, Mamoru immediately laughs it off. However, when Yuna goes missing, the culprits might just be out of this world.

Episode 10: Yuna’s Legendary Lost Gold

After hearing about lost treasure, Yuna decides to start digging! Of course, that's not how treasure works, and Yuna's find could end up being much more complex than expected.

Episode 11: Bye-bye, Yuna

A love letter contest causes hysteria among the girls, including Yuna, while Mamoru is left confused. To make matters worse, Mamoru’s competence is called into question.

Episode 12: Your Guardian Ninja, Mamoru!

A betrayal causes unrest in the Kagemori village, and Yuna may be in danger! It’s up to Mamoru to save her, but this time, it’s not only his duty that drives him.