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Golgo 13

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His targets never see it coming, and he’s never caught.  If there is a witness to the kill, that poor SOB winds up dead too.  People say he’s a ghost.  A machine.  A monster.  He’s Golgo 13, the most feared assassin in the world, the professional’s professional, the killer of killers.  And now he’s back with 13 targeted missions that will keep you glued to the screen (and away from the windows).  Load up for high-powered, bullet-riddled action with Golgo 13!

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Episodes (50)

Episode 1 (26 min)

At Pin-Hole!

Guest Subtitled

Golgo 13, the world’s deadliest assassin will take almost any job offered him. He’s worked for criminals and kingpins, gamblers and governments, and he’s taken out criminals and kingpins, gamblers and governments. This time he’s hired to shoot and kill a hijacker before the bomber kills all the passengers on board.

Episode 2 (26 min)

Room No. 909

Guest Subtitled

A mafia kingpin moves to Wall Street to expand his criminal empire. But when Golgo is hired to take out the don, he finds the assignment is tougher than anticipated—and a dedicated detective is right on his heels to bust him for the hit.

Episode 3 (26 min)

When a new, powerful rifle is developed, the weapon poses  dangers for everyone. Now it’s up to Golgo to venture into the desert to take out the murderous brothers who are testing the weapon and kill the man who designed it.

Episode 4 (26 min)

Pretty Woman

Guest Subtitled

A beautiful prostitute tires of her life. But the only way to escape it—and to keep up her extravagant lifestyle—is to betray her clients and make off with their money. She knows she can’t do it alone. And that’s when she tries to trick Golgo into being her next “trick”.

Episode 5 (26 min)

A Broadway producer molds a young apprentice for success. But the apprentice become  successful and plans to destroy his maker. Golgo is hired to make certain that the apprentice doesn’t have a chance for an evil encore.

Episode 6 (26 min)

A politician is killed in the  center of a crowded stadium. There are no witnesses and no weapon. But a zealous detective does everything in his power to pin the one man he has in custody—Golgo 13.

Episode 7 (26 min)

A famous violinist has a breakdown after a performance goes awry. And when his Russian rival begins to gain worldwide attention, the man will do anything to stop his enemy from taking  the spotlight. So he hires Golgo to make sure this concert will be his last.

Episode 8 (26 min)

Action in 4/24

Guest Subtitled

A mafia don knows he’s the target of many attempted assassinations. So he builds a fortress of bulletproof glass to protect him. Still, Golgo has never failed in an assignment to kill his target. But will this hire shatter his perfect record?

Episode 9 (26 min)

Golgo becomes a prisoner in the deadliest prison in the world. And though the sadistic warden is intent on make his life a living hell, Golgo has no intention of escape—not until his mysterious assignment is completed, that is.

Episode 10 (26 min)

A drug kingpin is targeted for a hit. But certain aspects of the victim seem a little different, or as Golgo begins to discover, strangely the same. Who is exactly the target of the hit? And who is the one responsible for the job?

Episode 11 (26 min)

Dead Angle

Guest Subtitled

A young sniper takes aim at his competition by agreeing to stop the unstoppable. But Golgo soon shows the young upstart that killing off a rival is a lot harder than it seems. So the two begin a dangerous game of cat and mouse to see who is the real killer.

Episode 12 (26 min)


Guest Subtitled

When a football player is killed by a sniper’s bullet during the big game, the authorities look to the mysterious Golgo 13 to pin the murder on him....if they can prove it.

Episode 13 (26 min)

Cross Angle

Guest Subtitled

When a famous photographer grows tired of his career, his editor offers him a tempting assignment. And the shooter finds that getting a picture of the most elusive subject on the planet is too tempting to pass up. But taking a shot at Golgo can have deadly consequences.

Episode 14 (26 min)

A factory that manufactures poison  is set for destruction. But Golgo is sent to the mysterious plant on an assignment—an assignment that brings him face to face with a rival who could be just as deadly as Golgo.

Episode 15 (26 min)

On a luxury ocean liner, Golgo meets a beautiful woman. And the two passengers have more in common than it seems. But when a bomb is discovered on board, will their attraction have the chance to become explosive? Or deadly?

Episode 16 (26 min)

When a man’s wife falls prey to an evil, murderous cult, Golgo agrees to go undercover to expose the faith healer’s true religion. There, he enters a world where faith doesn’t save you; it kills you—and makes you kill your fellow man.

Episode 17 (26 min)


Guest Subtitled

When an aging FBI agent sees his impending retirement looming, he decides to settle one last score. He dedicates his final days to tracking down and proving that Golgo  is the killer he’s been hunting—and been haunted by—all these years.

Episode 18 (26 min)

A reclusive royal is targeted for murder. But with the man under guard 24/7, and a house that is more like a fortress than a home, can Golgo make the most difficult shot of his career to kill the man? Or will this be the one target he misses?

Episode 19 (26 min)

A glamorous island rehab takes in beautiful young girls, saving them from their addictions and giving them a new lease on life. But that life is short-lived however, when the dark truth behind the hospital is revealed. And it’s up to Golgo to avenge a young patient’s death.

Episode 20 (26 min)

In a sleepy island village, a woman is penniless and abused, waiting for the man she loves to come back to her. But there’s another man in the woman’s life—Golgo 13—and he is her silent guardian, making certain the woman will never be hurt again.

Episode 21 (26 min)


Guest Subtitled

A gang of murderous diamond thieves destroy the gentle people of the Amazon. But when one survivor begs Golgo for help, Golgo goes to extreme lengths to end the violent reign of terror. And he’s not above hijacking an American airliner to do it. But is Golgo smart enough to outwit the CIA as well as a deadly diamond ring?

Episode 22 (26 min)

Indian Summer

Guest Subtitled

A blind old woman is concerned when her son becomes the main suspect in a casino heist. But when Golgo comes into town, a sheriff begins to get a little too suspicious of the visitor, and everyone gets a little more than they bargained for.

Episode 23 (26 min)

Jet Stream

Guest Subtitled

When an airliner is hijacked for a hefty ransom, the hijackers find their plans foiled by a certain passenger. But British Intelligence and the airline are thankful for the man on the plane who just so happens to be their best frequent flyer—the mysterious assassin, Golgo 13.

Episode 24 (26 min)

Santa Ana

Guest Subtitled

A sexy German assassin is hired by an anti-terrorism task force to take out an elusive target. But will all the weapons in her arsenal—seduction, deception, stealth—be enough to kill Golgo 13? Or has Golgo met someone who’s his match at last?

Episode 25 (26 min)

Florida Chase

Guest Subtitled

An empty armored car is stolen. The vehicle wasn’t taken for the cargo inside, but to transport another package—a murderous convict who’s escaped from jail. Now it’s a race to see if Golgo can stop the murderer before he finds safety across the border in Mexico.

Episode 26 (26 min)

“Cold-blooded Catherine”, once a ruthless killer, seems to have had a change of heart, and enlists the one man who softened her—Golgo 13—to help her take out a militant terrorist. But the terrorist will not go down without a fight. And it’s up to Golgo to kill one woman while saving another.

Episode 27 (26 min)


Guest Subtitled

Golgo must take on an army of soldiers who have been drugged and trained to be fearless.

Episode 28 (26 min)

Golgo takes no mercy on a one night stand.

Episode 29 (26 min)


Guest Subtitled

Golgo realizes he is being set up.

Episode 30 (26 min)

Love is a Knife

Guest Subtitled

An imposter tries to get rid of the real Golgo.

Episode 31 (26 min)

Angry Waves

Guest Subtitled

Golgo is hired to resolve a hostage situation aboard an oil tanker.

Episode 32 (26 min)

Golgo is drawn into a world of corporate intrigue.

Episode 33 (26 min)

Wine of Renown

Guest Subtitled

Golgo is hired by a winemaker to destroy a fraudulant high profile bottle of wine.

Episode 34 (26 min)

Golgo must preform an assassination at a play while keeping a low profile.

Episode 35 (26 min)

A woman fails to protect her race-winning horse from Golgo's aim.

Episode 36 (26 min)

Outmoded Livery

Guest Subtitled

Golgo must track down a master of disguise.

Episode 37 (26 min)

Golgo raises the suspicions of a hotel detective.

Episode 38 (26 min)

Young Girl Sara

Guest Subtitled

Golgo is hired by biologists.

Episode 39 (26 min)

Golgo is hired to kill one of the top crime syndicates.

Episode 40 (26 min)

Two wealthy men in the human blood sports business, hire a top assassin to fight the death!

Episode 41 (26 min)

A woman begs Golgo to purchase her, and two men appear who want to kill Golgo.

Episode 42 (26 min)

A strange turn of events reveals a government agency's connection with Duke.

Episode 43 (26 min)

Religious and political entanglements ensue, which leave Golgo vulnerable and with amnesia.

Episode 44 (26 min)

One of the world's most influential men goes to extremes to retain Golgo's services after being initially denied.

Episode 45 (26 min)

After a nearly impossible job, Golgo is recovering. However, the man who helps him recover may also have a reason to kill him.

Episode 46 (26 min)

Golgo is hired on a movie set to protect actors and producers from further assassination.

Episode 47 (26 min)

When an assassin is hired to kill Golgo, it doesn't end well for any of the involved parties.

Episode 48 (26 min)

Golgo has come up against and met the challenges of near impossible jobs...but will he be adding fatherhood to that list?

Episode 49 (26 min)

Golgo's plane crashes on an island where new government technology is being tested. Since he is a witness to this, Golgo is pursued by agents who mean to kill him.

Episode 50 (25 min)

A soon-to-be government official hires Golgo to kill a philanthropist whose goal are to rehabilitate orphans into valuable members of society.


Episode 51 (2 min)

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Episode 52 (2 min)

EXTRA: Season 2 Trailer

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