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With their final year of high school underway, small-town girl Toko Fukami and her friends are about to be thrown into the real world. Where most graduates are ready to leave their lives behind and blaze their own trails, Toko has always had just one dream: to take over her family-run glassmaking business. But the arrival of unusual transfer student Kakeru Okikura shatters Toko’s formerly rose-colored life, when he begins to claim that he can hear a voice that predicts the future.

Comedy Slice of Life Supernatural

Episodes (13)

Episode 1: Fireworks

While out enjoying the summer festival with her close friends, Touko has a fleeting vision of the future. Her wholehearted wish for the things to remain the same may become quickly impossible, especially with the arrival of the “David” like Okikura.

Episode 2: Bench

In hopes of aiding Yanagi, Touko decides to lift the group’s dating ban! Some miscommunication may have come of this announcement though. Now her friendships are uneasy and have her wishing to see more of the future.

Episode 3: Utility Tank

Be for going on a hiking trip with her friends, Touko requests Okikura’s aid in seeing what the future holds. An upsetting vision leaves her uneasy and confused about what she should do to prevent her vision from coming to fruition.

Episode 4: Steep Road

Will the ripples of young love that have begun to spread throughout Touko’s group of friends ever settle? Just as she’s begun to clear things up with Yanagi and Yuki, she starts to come face to face with her own feelings.

Episode 5: Hinode Bridge

Romance is budding throughout the group, but which couples have what it takes to move forward and which couples feelings could complicate the dynamic within the group? Can they move forward?

Episode 6: Punch

It becomes apparent where Touko's feelings lie and not everyone is able to to come to terms with this reality. Who will Touko ultimately choose and what does this mean for the group?

Episode 7: Bicycle

This group is finding out in their own way that what you want in life may not always be what you get, but dealing with life's curve balls is the greatest lesson. Will they be able to overcome these obstacles?

Episode 8: Snow

Touko and David's abilities are becoming stronger and not as easily concealed. Will they be able to contain this secret or will their friends find out what they are really capable of?

Episode 9: Moon

After seeing the startling future, Touko isn't so sure that she wants to experience that intentionally again... meanwhile it seems that Sacchan may have a secret of her own.

Episode 10: Jonathan

These friends are learning more about each other everyday and this time Touko and Kakeru decide that maybe it is up to them whether or not the future they see will come true or not...

Episode 11: Piano

Maybe a little bit more time spent in their unforgettable places will  be the key to unlock the shared abilities to see the fragments of the future... Can they handle what they see?

Episode 12: Fireworks (Once Again)

The more powerful and vivid fragments begin to answer few questions, but in many ways create even more. The future holds the answers, but it also may hold a dangerous truth...

Episode 13: Shooting Star

Touko passes out after hearing Kakeru's mom play piano. When she comes to, she and Kakeru discuss why his mom's piano playing caused her to pass out. She reveals that she saw a glimmer of the future.

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