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A gate to another world appears in the middle of Tokyo’s Ginza District, and the citizens of Tokyo are attacked by cavalry, dragons, and demons. Itami, an otaku who was in the area to purchase his long-awaited doujinshi, becomes the accidental hero of the day and gets promoted to second lieutenant of the Self-Defense Force. Not long after, he’s sent on a mission through the gate into the other world with typical otaku-like expectations of what he’ll find there.


Episodes (24)

Episode 1: JSDF Goes to Another World

Itami’s efforts to save a doujinshi exhibit turn him into an accidental hero. Now second lieutenant, he’s sent through the gate into the other world.

Episode 2: Two Forces

The emperor of the Imperial Capital orders an attack on the intruders from another world. Itami and the JSDF try to get acquainted with the locals.

Episode 3: A Flame Dragon

Itami finds an elf, the lone survivor of a town destroyed by the capital. As Coda Village evacuates to escape a fire dragon, Itami finally meets a mage and a Goth-loli.

Episode 4: To The Land of the Unknown

The JSDF leads refugees from the fight with the fire dragon to camp. Chuka, Lelei, and Rory explore their new amenities and try to learn more about their saviors in green.

Episode 5: Battle of Italica

Itami leads his unit to Italica. When he arrives, he comes face to face with Princess Pina, who recruits the men in green to help the city ward off bandits.

Episode 6: Ride of the Battle Goddess

The battle for Italica rages. Against Princess Pina’s orders, Rory Mercury and the JSDF arrive to reinforce the East Gate.

Episode 7: Princess’ Decision

Itami has been (accidentally) captured and beaten by Princess Pina’s knights. While the princess worries, the JSDF discovers that Itami didn’t really need to be rescued.

Episode 8: Japan, The Other Side of The Gate

While the princess negotiates with Japanese officials, Lelei, Rory, and Tuka testify, on national television, what happened the day Itami’s men fought the dragon.

Episode 9: Night Battle on Hakone Mountain

Itami’s ex-wife takes the girls from the Special Region on a shopping spree! Later, while the group relaxes at a hot spring, foreign forces launch a covert attack.

Episode 10: Hope and Despair

When operatives from three different nations attack, Rory turns the hot springs into a blood bath, and Itami must carefully maneuver the girls back to the Special Region.

Episode 11: A Visitor

While the princess takes steps to orchestrate peace with Japan, a village pops up around the JSDF base. At a tavern, Itami and Rory’s evening is interrupted by a dark elf.

Episode 12: Itami Might…

As Yao Ha Ducy desperately attempts to ask the JSDF to save her village from a fire dragon, Itami travels to the mountains to deliver goods to the princess.

Episode 13: The Party Begins

Pina organizes a party to cover a secret meeting with Itami and the senators. Suspicious, the capital sends Pina’s ruthless older brother, Zolzal, to investigate.

Episode 14: The Great Quake at the Imperial Capital

In the aftermath of the Empire’s first earthquake, Pina chances bringing Itami and the JSDF to the emperor, and a face-to-face meeting with Zolzal reveals a terrible truth.

Episode 15: Tuka Luna Marceau

Tuka, teetering on the edge of her sanity, begins to start seeing Itami as her late father, and he struggles with the solution that he thinks will save her.

Episode 16: The Flame Dragon Once Again

Queen Tyuule sends her spy on a mission to ignite tensions between Japan and Empire. Meanwhile, Itami and the girls reach Yao’s village at the same time as the dragon.

Episode 17: The Battle

Itami takes the fight into the dragon’s nest in hopes that his world’s weapons combined with the Special Region’s magic have enough power to take the dragon down.

Episode 18: Rondel, the City of Magic

In the shadow of Zorzal’s rage, Pina and Sugawara prepare for the peace talks. Meanwhile, Lelei prepares for an academy presentation in a city filled with magic scholars.

Episode 19: The Dangerous Sisters

Zorzal takes the crown, and his plans to destroy the peace spin into motion. In Rondel, Lelei’s sister realizes, to her chagrin, just how accomplished her little sister is.

Episode 20: The Lovers

Sherry becomes a fugitive after helping Marquis Casel escape the Cleaners. With no one else to turn, and the Japanese avoiding the conflict, Sherry reaches out to Sugawara.

Episode 21: The Dead Line

The battle at the Jade Palace ignites conflict across the Empire. While Itami schemes to protect Lelei from assassins, reporters from Japan investigate the Special Region.

Episode 22: A Princess in Slave Clothes

Imperial forces continue to fight at the Jade Palace, landing Pina in the crosshairs of Zorzal’s reign of terror. Meanwhile, another attempt is made on Lelei’s life.

Episode 23: Paratroopers

The JSDF launches an attack to rescue its allies. Meanwhile, Pina’s generals make a desperate ride to the capital to save her.

Episode 24: Thus They Fought

Itami and his squad charge into the capital to rescue Princess Pina. While Lelei, Rory, and Itami storm the throne room, Tuka, Yao, and the SDF move to rescue the emperor.


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