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Gatchaman (TV)

In the near future, the international community is thrown into chaos by a series of attacks by the evil criminal organization known as Galactor, and only the Science Ninja Team Gatchaman is capable of stopping the threat. Hand-picked by the brilliant scientist Dr. Nambu, the five young members of Gatchaman are ready to face the most nefarious plans of Galactor; and win!

Action Adventure Drama Sci-Fi

Episodes (105)

Episode 1: Gatchaman versus Turtle King

A uranium storage facility is under attack. The Science Ninja Team is called upon to stop it!

Episode 2: The Monstrous Aircraft Carrier Appears

When a spaceship disappears, along with a device that records the locations of Earth's resources, recovery takes the team to the bottom of the sea!

Episode 3: The Giant Mummy That Summons Storms

Passenger planes keep crashing, leading Ken to investigate. All signs point to Galactor!

Episode 4: Revenge on the Iron Beast Mechadegon

An earthquake is caused by a mecha, leading Ken to the Institute for Earthquake Research. While investigating, an unexpected casualty occurs.

Episode 5: The Ghost Fleet From Hell

On a mission to the bottom of the sea, the team encounters a mysterious submarine, which leads them to uncover "The Cemetery of the Sea."

Episode 6: The Great Mini-Robot Operation

The hunt for stolen gold bars leads the team to an island. Ken and Nambu disagree about their course of action.

Episode 7: Galactor's Giant Air Show

As Ken tests a new plane, he is attacked!

Episode 8: The Secret of the Crescent Coral Reef

Jinpei uncovers what looks to be a base in the making, but he is caught by a mecha and the base is subsequently blown up.

Episode 9: The Devil From the Moon

The team investigates a meteorite that appears to have originated from the moon.

Episode 10: The Great Underground Monster War

The whole city loses power when the nuclear power plant is attacked!

Episode 11: The Mysterious Red Impulse

The team is guarding a plane; but the plane's original crew members have been killed and replaced by Galactor members!

Episode 12: The Gluttonous Monster Ibukron

The Galactor mecha, Ibukuron, steals the world's raw material for sugar. Ryu and Jinpei are called to move out!

Episode 13: The Mysterious Red Sand

An ISO created storage lake, which is intended to make the desert fertile, disappears. The team heads to Africa to investigate.

Episode 14: The Fearsome Ice-Kander

A strange occurrence leads the Ken and Jun to the North Pole where they infiltrate a secret base.

Episode 15: The Fearsome Jellyfish Lens

Ghost City was destroyed ten years ago by pollution; when communication is lost with an investigation crew there, the Science Ninja Team goes to search for them only to be attacked by Galactors.

Episode 16: The Indestructible Machine Mechanika

Galactor manufactures a new weapon which can change its form constantly, leading the team on a wild goose chase.

Episode 17: The Grand Insect Operation

X intends to use chlidren's brains as a destructive tool.

Episode 18: Revenge! The Whale Operation

When whales keep attacking harbors, the team discovers that, yet again, Galactor is behind the attacks!

Episode 19: Speed Race From Hell

Prince Luga contacts the ISO with an offer to give up the location of the Galactor bases, going against his father's orders.

Episode 20: A Critical Moment for the Science Ninja Team

Joe suffers a great loss, and the God Phoenix is once again attacked by a Galactor mecha.

Episode 21: Who is Leader X?

A doctor who specializes in Cyborgs disappears.

Episode 22: The firebird Versus the Fire-Eating Dragon

When a uranium factory on the bottom of the ocean is attacked, Nambu thinks it's better to keep the team out of it. Ken disobeyes and finds himself facing off with a powerful mecha.

Episode 23: The Mecha-Ball Runs Wild

A new weapon--the "Mecha Ball"--may be hardest to stop because its simple structure makes it impossible to uncover a weak point.

Episode 24: The Neon Giant That Smiles in the Dark

Scientists at the ISO headquarters are being murdered; Nambu sends the team to act as body guards.

Episode 25: The Magma Giant, Emperor of Hell

An ISO volcanic research center is under attack!

Episode 26: The God Phoenix Reborn

When ISO ships come under attack by Galactor, Ryu cannot be mobilized and feels responsible for the aftermath.

Episode 27: Galactor's Witch Racer

A Galactor executive named Lucy wants to reveal the Glactor headquarters to the ISO for ten billion dollars!

Episode 28: The Invisible Devil

Children are disappearing into thin air; as the team investigates, the clues seem to become harder to find.

Episode 29: Gallack X, The Demon Man

Jinpei visits the orphange where he grew up, but harmless fun soon turns into a fighting matter.

Episode 30: Kamisoral, The Guillotine Iron Beast

A water shortage threatens the future of Earth.

Episode 31: The Plan to Assassinate Dr. Nambu

Nambu is attacked by a Galactor, and everyone focuses their energy on keeping him safe.

Episode 32: The Grand Gezora Operation Part 1

Galactor targets a facility that the ISO has used all of its recourses to complete. When the God Phoenix confronts it, it escapes using a smoke screen.

Episode 33: The Grand Gezora Operation Part 2

Jun and Jinpei are nowhere to be found while Gezora attacks.

Episode 34: The Evil Auroroa Operation

Strange radio waves begin to affect people in different ways. When Ryu is bathed with these radio waves, his brain waves become catlike!

Episode 35: Burn, Desert Fires

A civil war breaks out in the country of Doria over mining rights to recently discovered oil springs.

Episode 36: Little Gatchamans

When an ISO research ship is attacked, its uranium resources data disappears.

Episode 37: Renzilla, the Electric Monster

A leading researcher goes missing. Nambu orders that he be found immediately, as his research could be dangerous if misued.

Episode 38: The Mysterious Mechanized Jungle

A pollution free city is constructed. Shortly after the city's inauguration, the city finds itself under attack by the most unlikely predators.

Episode 39: Jigokillers, the People-Eating Flowers Part 1

Spores of the Jigokiller plant are released into Earth's atmosphere.

Episode 40: Jigokillers, the People-Eating Flowers Part 2

While Jinpei is addled by grief, Nambu loses himself in research.

Episode 41: Murder Music

The team is invited to a popular concert where the musical group is kidnapped right in front of them!

Episode 42: The Great Breakout Trick Operation

Ryu finds himself captured by Galactor.

Episode 43: A Romance Destroyed by Evil

When the two countries of Bien and Ameria finally make peace, their respective representatives get married as a symbol of peace. However, Galactor is planning to prevent the marriage of the two to start a war again in both countries.

Episode 44: Galactor's Challenge

Moroi City is attacked, but Nambu orders the team to standby.

Episode 45: The Sea Lion Ninja Team in the Night Fog

A secret ISO mining factory is seized by Galactor.

Episode 46: Gatchaman in the Valley of Death

Ken is taken hostage at the airport and forced to pilot a plane.

Episode 47: The Devil's Airline

Director Anderson personally transports the core of his new ultracomputer, and Galactor moves in to steal it.

Episode 48: The Camera Iron Beast, Shutterkiller

ISO institutions come under attack one after the other.

Episode 49: The Fearsome Mechadokuga

The team accompanies Nambu to a conference. When Jinpei follows what he suspects is a Galactor car, he is captured.

Episode 50: Trachadon, the Dinosaur Skeleton

The country Inderia has worked with the ISO to build a dam. As always, things go awry and Galactor is involved.

Episode 51: Cata-Roller, the Revolving Beast

Ken is attacked while flying his Cessna.

Episode 52: Red Impulse's Secret

As Ken sets out to see his father, an old childhood friend of his appears.

Episode 53: Farewell, Red Impulse

Humanity encounters the worst crisis yet when a Galactor rocket explodes in the Van Allen belt.

Episode 54: Gatchaman Burns with Rage

Katse plans to annihilate uranium related institutions all over the world.

Episode 55: The Daring Mini-Submarine

Galactor forces Namby and the team to choose between their lives and the pollution of the seas.

Episode 56: The Bird Missle of Bitterness

Jun is attacked by bikers.

Episode 57: The Evil White Sea

A sniper who's been imprisoned for the last 35 years is released, and it doesn't take long for Galactor to get a hold of him.

Episode 58: Hell's Mecha-Buttha

The Jet Cutter is stolen; Nambu gives the order to recover it, but Ken refuses.

Episode 59: The Secret of the Monster Mecha Factory

Ken and Jun investigate the disappearance of a fishing boat.

Episode 60: Science Ninja Team, Number G-6

An experiment with Galactor's brand new mecha goes awry. Katse demands the survivors be terminated.

Episode 61: The Phantom Red Impulse

Ken encounters three Red Impulse planes. Disregarding orders from Nambu, Ken heads toward their base.

Episode 62: The Snow Demon King Blizzrarder

Nambu allows the team to be captured by Galactor in order to learn the location of the enemy base.

Episode 63: Massacring Mecha Curve Balls

Professional baseball players disappear in front of spectators.

Episode 64: A Christmas Present of Death

What's supposed to be a day of peace turns out to be another attempted sabotage by Galactor.

Episode 65: Super Bem, The Composite Iron Beast

The brains of deceased and famous doctors have been preserved, but they keep getting stolen!

Episode 66: The Devil's Fashion Show

Katse plans to weaken the activities of the Science Ninja Team by killing their biggest benefactor.

Episode 67: Mortal Blow! Gatchaman Fire

Institutions of the Mantle Plan are attacked one after the other by a jellyfish mecha.

Episode 68: The Particle Iron Beast, Micro-Saturn

A nuclear explosion occurs on a small island in the South Sea.

Episode 69: The Cemetery in the Moonlight

Galactor infiltrates the country Shosken.

Episode 70: Death Girls Unite!

Mummified corpses are found, and Nambu orders the team to uncover the reason.

Episode 71: The Invincible Leader X

The ISO uncovers a new energy source in the Himalayas, but the investigation crew sent to learn more is wiped out by the region's Yeti.

Episode 72: Swarm! A Plague of Mini Iron Beasts

A leading scientist alerts every department about the strange behavioral changes in the locusts, but he is ignored.

Episode 73: Pursue Katse!

The team defeats another mecha but have let Katse escape yet again; they head towards the jungle to search.

Episode 74: Secret of the Birdstyles

A mammoth, which should be encapsulated in a glacier, appears at an amusement park.

Episode 75: Jumbo Shakora, The Ocean Devil King

When a Galactor mecha is mobilized, one of its planes loses speed and collides with a fishing boat which happens to have Ryu's father on board at the time.

Episode 76: The Bracelets Exposed

When the mobilization order from Nambu comes in, Joe is in the middle of a race. Because he finishes it, he is too late.

Episode 77: Berg Katse Triumphs

The country Dokual is rich in the Earth's resources. But because it declines to pay supporting money to Galactor, the president's life is threatened.

Episode 78: Mortal Combat! 500 Fathoms Under the Sea

A research institute for the Earth's crust, which is located at the bottom of a deep sea canyon 10,000 meters below sea level, breaks off a connection. Ken and Joe go to the research institute in Marin Saturn in order to investigate.

Episode 79: The Stolen Gatchaman Information

Sensitive and confidential information about the Science Ninja Team is stolen.

Episode 80: Come Back! Boomerang

In the country Assham, an uprising has started. Traces of a confusion ray appear on the body of the leader who has been shot. Thinking that a few hundred people have been bathed in that ray, the Science Ninja Team sneaks into the country.

Episode 81: Duel on Galactor Island

BC Island is an island ruled by Galactor. A man visits the grave of Giuseppe Asakura and his wife, which has not been visited by anybody for 10 years. Because the man on the photo transmitted is disguised and looks like Giuseppe, Katse goes to the island.

Episode 82: Aim at the Crescent Coral Reef!

Dr. Misuno, a Galactor, succeeds in diminishing the earlier invented detection device, which discovers the electrical waves emitted when the Science Ninja Team transforms. Galactor plans to use it in an operation to track down the Science Ninja Team and follow them to their base.

Episode 83: A Deadly Ring of Fire

During construction of a subterranean factory of the ISO, Galactor attacks and a drill falls into a crack in the Earth. Since the energy source of the drill is uranium, it is predicted that, when the drill touches the magma, a huge earthquake with a magnitude of more than 8 will occur.

Episode 84: Smog Fiber, the Spiderweb Iron Beast

The scientist Demon tries to sell his own invention to Galactor by using it to attack a cargo plane, which carries goods for those in need.

Episode 85: That's G-4

An intercepted transmission reveals that Galactor spies will infiltrate Utoland City.

Episode 86: Glactor's Monopoly Mission

When a sugar substitute is developed and prepared for distribution, someone buys every last ounce of it, leaving none for public consumption.

Episode 87: Patogiller, the Triple Combined Iron Beast

Jinpei falls in love at first sight with a girl in the mountains. He later learns that she has been abducted and sets out to rescue her.

Episode 88: Iron Beast Snake 828

A man knows Katse's secret, and the team seeks to learn from him.

Episode 89: Lay a Trap in the Crescent Base!

Jinpei has a plan to turn the coral reef into bait which will lure Galactor.

Episode 90: Matangar, the Armored Iron Beast

Joe and Ken have a dispute over whether or not to use their weapons.

Episode 91: Completion of the Plan to Destroy the Crescent Base

A Galactor spy is onboard a passenger ship full of ISO engineers!

Episode 92: The End of the Crescent Base

Ken and Jun must evacuate their researchers as the ship comes under attack. Later, Numba finds himself in a dire situation.

Episode 93: Counterattack! The Underground Torpedo Operation

An order is received from X to make sure every member of the Science Ninja Team is dead!

Episode 94: Angler, the Electric Devil Beast

Ryu's father is in critical condition, and Joe finds himself in a bad situation.

Episode 95: The Combined Ninjas, Giant Demon Man

Jin investigates ruins in the Jupiter Mountains when strange corpses are uncovered.

Episode 96: Storm Galactor's Headquarters

ISO intelligence may have uncovered the location of the Galactor Headquarters, but getting there is going to be tricky!

Episode 97: Leona 3, The Spaceship with No Tomorrow

The Leona 3 is launched in order to solve the Mily Way Nebula mysteries.

Episode 98: Grape Bomber, the Spherical Iron Beast

Joe, heading towards a meeting point, is blinded by a light reflection and runs into a woman. Seeing his mother's face in her, he takes care of her, but another blinding makes him feel afraid.

Episode 99: The Wounded G-2

X orders Katse to kill the Science Ninja Team after they follow Katse to the base.

Episode 100: Gatchama, 20 Years Later

Katse continues with a plan to kill the team.

Episode 101: The Sniper Group Heavy Cobra

Joe and Ken argue over whether or not Joe should be allowed to continue fighting.

Episode 102: A Reversal! Checkmate X!

The team can't contact Nambu, so they make their own decisions which could prove fatal for Nambu.

Episode 103: G-2 Risks Death

Joe is captured and brought before Katse.

Episode 104: The Evil Grand Black Hole Operation

X reveals the sinister plan for Earth.

Episode 105: Earth's Destruction! 0002

Even though Galactor is defeated, Nambu warns that evil still exists, as the potential to do evil deeds resides in every person.


Episode 106 (2 min)


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