TV-14 - OVA
Gatchaman OVA

In 2066, shortly after a small country separates itself from the United Nations, members of the International Science Organization mysteriously disappear without a trace. Renowned scientist Kouzaburou Nanbu realizes that the secret organization known as the "Gallactor" is making its move to conquer the world. To counter this terrorist group, he prepares his ultimate weapon: five brave heroes that comprise the Science Ninja Team - Gatchaman.

Action Adventure Sci-Fi

Gatchaman vs. Dragon King

A dragon-shaped warship emerges from the shadows, intent on destroying the Mantel Plan, which is currently attempting to unify the world's energy resources. It's up to the Gatchaman to take them down before the lights go out!

The Red Specter

The Gatchaman get help from a mysterious group calling themselves Red Impulse. Later, the Gatchaman stumble upon the secret undersea Galactor HQ!

The Final Countdown

While huge mechanical drills controlled by Galactor infiltrate the Earth's core, the Gatchaman confront Berg Katse for the final battle to decide the fate of the world!

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