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Gatchaman Crowds insight

The Gatchaman are back! With Berg Katze "gone" but not forgotten, another threat arises. The globally connected network of users with CROWDS are being used for evil by a new organization. When the Prime Minister is suddenly attacked by sinister red CROWDS, it's up to Hajime and the new recruits to find out who they are and stop them once and for all!


Episodes (13)

Episode 0: inbound

Time to catch up with the Gatchaman as they rescue a hapless prime minister from strange red colored CROWDS!

Episode 1: contact point

Tsubasa's life changes forever when a giant spaceship lands near her home, revealing a cute alien girl that the Gatchaman have come to investigate!

Episode 2: penetration

Tsubasa has joined the ranks of the Gatchaman! Meanwhile, Rui continues in his efforts to find out more about VAPE.

Episode 3: launch

Gelsadra and Tsubasa are invited to OD's Millione Show as guests and meet the rest of the Gatchaman crew. Later, the leader of VAPE makes his move.

Episode 4: 2:6:2

Tsubasa intervenes in a standoff to save a critically injured Rui. Then, Gelsadra learns a bit about Earth politics as an impromptu race for Prime Minister begins.

Episode 5: halo effect

The election for Prime Minister is causing political rifts between friend and foe alike. Even the Gatchaman are divided as Gelsadra makes an unexpected promise.

Episode 6: engagement

Gelsadra and Tsubasa continue their pursuit of unity in the name of world peace as the rest of the Gatchaman begin to question their methods.

Episode 7: outbound

Hajime and the rest of the Gatchaman grow increasingly uneasy with the direction Tsubasa and Gelsadra are taking their campaign as a strange new threat appears!

Episode 8: cluster

The mysterious Kuu-sama appear not to pose a threat, but a sinister force begins to rear its head. This new threat is unlike anything the Gatchaman have ever faced...

Episode 9: opt-out

The Kuu-sama are becoming integrated into society as the Gatchaman finally seem to be on the same page.

Episode 10: seeds

While public opinion causes the Kuu-sama to become increasingly volatile, Tsubasa finally reunites with the Gatchaman.

Episode 11: trade-off

Hajime has a plan to counteract the oppressive social atmosphere and the Kuu-sama, but, for the plan to work, Gelsadra might have to make the ultimate sacrifice...

Episode 12: insight

With the full extent of Hajime's plan revealed by Tsubasa, the Gatchaman decide to hold one last phone vote...