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Gatchaman Crowds

Everyday, the residents of Tachikawa city are under attack by alien criminals and mysterious monsters seeking to conquer, enslave and destroy. To combat these threats, a select group of individuals serve as protectors. Wearing special suits that amplify latent powers, they blend into the crowds and shadows, waiting until the call is given to fight again. Hiding like ninjas, powered by super-science, they are humanity’s first and greatest line of defense. They are the GATCHAMAN!

Action Adventure Sci-Fi

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Avant-Garde

Mysterious monsters are appearing as normal people, and it's up to Gatchaman to take them down. A new Gatchaman joins the fray.

Episode 2: Asymmetry

Hajime attempts a different way of dealing with the MESS.  Her methods irk Sugane.

Episode 3: Futurism

Hajime heads an emergency operation to keep students from drinking spoiled milk, helped along by the GALAX Network. A new threat arises.

Episode 4: Kitsch

Tragedy is averted thanks to GALAX. Later, the G team is at a loss over a new threat.

Episode 5: Collaboration

Rui weighs the pros and cons in using CROWDS. Hajime and her collage group become trapped in a tunnel collapse.

Episode 6: Originality

Hajime reveals her identity as a Gatchaman. Rui calls forth a meeting to discuss the roles of Gatchaman in his new world.

Episode 7: Abjection

The rogue Gatchaman is revealed to be Berg-Katze, and while it nearly kills Rui, Hajime and the other Gatchaman attempt to stop it.

Episode 8: Genuine

Hajime convinces the rest of the G Crew to reveal themselves at a preschool. Katze becomes a Rui clone and steals away X.

Episode 9: Forgery

With all the pieces in place, Berg Katze begins its gradual destruction of the city. Hajime and the G Team do a livestream to speak to the people.

Episode 10: Crowds

Katze has given up the location of the Prime Minister and orders CROWDS to take down Tachikawa. Hajime and the G Team rush to interfere and try to flush out Katze.

Episode 11: Gamification

Everyone plays their part in order to restore peace and secure trouble areas in Tachikawa, but with one click from Katze, the entire city is thrown back into chaos.

Episode 12: Collage

Katze's plan to overload Tachikawa with CROWDS is going wonderfully. OD has had about enough, and prepares to spread his wings in the exciting conclusion to Gatchaman CROWDS!


Episode 13 (1 min)


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