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Fuccons, The

Meet the Fuccons, a typical 2 ½ person family inexplicably transported to the land of the rising sun. Dad is a bit stiff and wooden, Mom is plastic and empty headed and Mikey’s just a little dummy. But when it comes to standing firm in the face of this new and alien environment, the family that’s made together stays together. Go Fuccon crazy as the International Smash Hit that’s taken the world by storm is finally reverse imported to America in THE FUCCONS!

Comedy Slice of Life

The Start of Our Life In Japan

Welcome to the bizarre world of an American mannequin family, called the Fuccons, who have recently moved to Japan. Their adjustment to their new world causes quite an uproar.

The Teacher's Visit

Mikey's teacher is coming to visit the family in their home, which is customary in Japan

The Teacher's Visit Continued

The family anxiously awaits the arrival of the teacher. The teacher explains that Mikey is adjusting very well.

Mikey's Cousin

Mikey's cousin, Laura, comes over for a visit. Laura is a very unhappy child as the family soon finds out.

Mikey Goes Shopping

Mikey goes shopping for his parents. His Father decides to follow him to make sure that he stays out of trouble. Mikey realizes he is being followed so he decides to go to individual stores for each item on his lists instead of just going to the supermarket.

Mikey and the Twins

Mikey builds a mountain in the sand box. He decides to show it to the Twins, Tony and Charles, who then proceed to smash his sand mountain.

The Twins' Visit

Mikey's friends Charles and Tony stop by and confuse Mikey's mom when she offers them food and drink. Confusion sets in when Mikey returns to find the twins in the kitchen when they told him earlier that they would be busy that day.

Mikey's Date

Mikey is waiting for Emily at the park for a play date. When Laura turns up first, things go from bad to worse as Laura's jealousy frames Mikey as a bad guy which turns Emily against him.

A Heated Exchange

Mikey and his parents go out to eat because his dad was paid recently. While out, they run into teacher Bob and Bob mamma who have a vigorous exchange of conflicting views.

Mikey and Milk

Mikey ignores his parents and goes to school without drinking his yucky milk. His parents decide not to let Mikey get the best of them and hatch a plan to get him to drink the milk.

Mikey Gets Dumped

Mikey wants to ask Emily on a date but finds out she is already dating someone else. When he realizes she is not interested in him, and he breaks down. His parents then make a plan to help him win Emily's heart and bring happiness back to Mikey.

A Peep Hole

Mikey comes across a hole in the wall that says not to look through it. He disobeys the sign and looks through the hole and winds up with a surprise.

Laura’s Love

The twins speculate that cousin Laura is in love with Mikey because she is always interfering with Emily and Mikey's games. Later she realizes that she really is in love with Mikey and exacts her revenge on the twins.

Let’s Go On A Picnic

Mikey and his parents learn what it means to go on a picnic.

Mikey And The Ghost

A ghost named Lilly who looks like cousin Laura visits Mikey in the middle of the night and has him go places with her. When he ignores her she gets angry which becomes quite a hair raising situation.

Christina My Love

Mikey brings his girlfriend Emily over to the house to meet his parents. When James sees Emily for the first time, he mistakes her for someone he was close to in the past.

The Twins And An Alien

The twins try to convince Mikey that Teacher Bob is an Alien.

Here Comes Time Boy

Time Boy comes over to play at Mikey's house but things get stressful because he sticks to a very time sensitive schedule.

Emily’s Blues

Emily is feeling neglected after getting in an argument with her mother and brother. Desperate for a shoulder to cry on she looks for Mikey but cannot find him.

The Wrong Number

Mikey is confused when people call the house ordering take out food.

Mikey In The Mirror

Mikey's alter ego tries to convince him that Emily is not interested in him and that he is a dumb schmuck.

The Invitation

Laura and Emily invite Mikey to a get together. When he arrives they try and trick him into paying for a service he never received.

The Chill Wind Of Structural Reform

James explains to Mikey that in the corporate world companies let workers go and only keep on the ones that are essential to operations. After learning this, Mikey suggests that they do the same to the family.

The Lady Tutor

Mikey's parents hire a tutor to help Mikey get his grades up. When it turns out that the tutor is attractive, James gets inappropriate.

Rags To Riches

After spending all of his money, Mikey is kicked out the house for a day. Just when things seem like they are at their worst, Mikey gets a lucky break.

Super Princess Isbella

The king of the Blueberry Kingdom requests that Mikey marry his daughter princes Isabella.

The Twins And The Princess

The twins test Princess Isabella's patience and wonder if she is rich.

Mikey The Ladies Man

Mikey prepares to go off to the Blueberry Kingdom to Marry Princess Isabella but runs into Emily and Laura who believe he is a womanizer.

Laura, The Fortune Teller

Laura pretends to be a fortune teller and convinces Mikey that bad things will happen to him.

The Twin’s Mother

The twins introduce Mikey's mom to their mother and aunt who are also twins.

The Message Game

Teacher Bob and the kids all play the whisper game.

Brown’s Forbidden Love

Emily's brother Brown is in love with Mikey's mom.

A Family Crisis

Mikey walks in on his parents practicing sumo wrestling in bed.

The Twin’s Birthday

The twins unexpectedly invite Emily and Mikey to a birthday party. When everyone arrives they are very unprepared for a party.

A Courageous Stance

James and Mikey are at the park when they come across a disrespectful vagrant. James decides to confront the vagrant and in Mikey's eyes becomes a true gumshoe.

The Kawakita Family

After moving from Kyoto, the Kawakita family are not sure they can trust the people from Tokyo.

The Twin’s Treasure Hunt

The twins entice Mikey to play with them by convincing him that they have treasure maps.

Fly Mikey!

Mikey is called to action when Emily and Laura are trapped in the river. After saving them, things don't turn out how he planned.

A Wedding Anniversary

Mikey learns how his parents met and fell in love.

Mikey’s Grandparents

Mikey's visits his grandparents and finds that laughter brings out the best memories.

Traffic Light

In a rush to meet Emily, Mikey crosses the road and runs into someone familiar.

GrandMa Comes To Japan

Laura wants to go clubbing with Mikey because she is tired of playings kids games. On their way to the club, they come across Mikey's grandma who has some words for cousin Laura.

That Sinking Feeling

Mikey is tired of waiting for Emily and plans to giver her a piece of his mind. When she finally arrives, he cordially greets her and realizes he is now somehow shorter.

Mikey The Criminal

In his desire to impress Emily Mikey spends the money he found on a pair of snazzy shoes.

Arranging A Marriage For Teacher Bob

Bob Mama arranges a marriage between soft spoken Teacher Bob and a beautiful woman who proves that sometimes opposites don't attract.

Broken Promises

After forgetting about their trip to the theme park, Mikey must spend the day by himself. While at the playground he fall for an older girl that has experienced the same broken promises he has.

A Blast From The Past

While out fishing for dinner, James catches up with an old friend.

A Celebration In The Kawakita House

The Kawakita's remember the good old days when their son tries to get them to remember his birthday.

Mikey, The Imposter

Everyone believes Mikey has wronged them when an imposter sets Mikey up.

A Curious Acquaintance

Mikey meets a transfer student named Why.

Let’s Go To The Beach

Everyone meets at the beach and Mikey learns that Laura is moving back to the U.S.

Mikey Turns The Other Cheek

After realizing that Mikey never gets angry, Laura and Emily become worried that Mikey has a dark side.

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