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Fruit of Grisaia, The

Trying to become something that he isn't, Kazami Yuji transferred himself to Mihama Academy --- a school with only five female students and prison-like features. He was told that every student in this school have their own 'circumstances' (himself included) and that he is not required to do anything about their situation as he asked for a 'normal' student life. Will Yuji find his solution here in Mihama Academy?

Drama Mature Romance

Episodes (13)

Episode 1: An Ordinary School Life

Yuuji Kazami arrives at Mishima Academy hoping to live an ordinary life. But what he finds behind the school's high walls may not be ordinary at all. The student body is comprised of only five female students and one of them is not happy to see him.

Episode 2: School Killer Sakaki

Getting to know your peers can sometimes be a challenge but in Yuuji’s case it could be a life or death situation. While the other girls seem to have accepted his presence, Yumiko’s hostility escalates.

Episode 3: Sweet Diet

Yuuji's day started off seemingly ordinary until he discovers Amane breaking into his room. Being cautious of the situation he decides to wait and see what she does. Could Amane have ulterior motives to getting close to Yuuji?

Episode 4: Where You Aim the Silver Bullet

Yuuji begins to notice another side to Michiru, one that is far different from her normal self. As he tries to uncover more about her perplexing personality tragedy strikes. Will Michiru be able to handle facing a loss?

Episode 5: VOX IN BOX

With the loss of Meowmel, Michiru breaks down and refuses to deal with life's losses. With the other Michiru now in control Yuuji begins questioning their past even more and plans to make the true Michuri face everything.

Episode 6: Raison D'etre

Yumiko's father has decided it’s time that she inherit the Tohin Group and hatches a plan that requires the services of Yuuji. However, Yumiko isn't a little girl anymore and might disrupt the plan entirely.

Episode 7: Letter of Happiness

Sachi has noticed a change in her peers and believes that Yuuji is the reason behind it. As her revelation unfolds though Michiru makes a careless request that may very well lead to everyone's end.

Episode 8: Seed of the World Tree I

Makina abruptly requests that Yuuji become her father! To the surprise to everyone else he agrees to do to and plans to take his role as her father very seriously.

Episode 9: Seed of the World Tree II

Now that Makina has become a target of Yuuji’s organization, he must choose between his role as her father and that of an agent. Will he uphold his promise to her or remain loyal to J.B.?

Episode 10: Angelic Howl I

Since Yuuji's arrival Amane has been infatuated with him. He finally agrees to her being his girlfriend but wants to know why she likes him. Amanes reveals the she knew his sister.

Episode 11: Angelic Howl II

The survivors of the crash struggle to survive as they begin to run out of food. Their teacher decides to search for help but after a few days he doesn't return leaving Amane and the other girls in desperation.

Episode 12: Angelic Howl III

Amane continues to explain to Yuuji how she and Kazuki struggled to survive as the depravity of their situation has warped the other survivors. After revealing the full horror of her past she asks Yuuji to take her life.

Episode 13: Field of Fire: 10 Centimeters

Yuuji and Amane decide to visit the site of Amane’s accident to investigate if Kazuki is really did. While on their journey the academy is attacked and the other girls have become hostages! It seems as though Amane’s nightmare will never end.

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